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  • Hi all,

    Using two page list and detail for a collection, I have the below code working except for pagination. 3 articles are displayed on the listing page and 1 on the news article view from the slug.

    For pagination test I have the listing only displaying 1 of possible 3 news items. But no pagination appears, template path is fine etc, any ideas?


    /media-centre/news/article Routing: media-centre/news/[slug:s]

    Using Runway 3.1.5

    Show all:

    paging true
    total 3
    number_of_pages 3
    total_pages 3
    per_page 1
    current_page 1
    lower_bound 1
    upper_bound 1
    next_url /media-centre/news?page=2
    next_page_number 2
    first_page_url /media-centre/news
    last_page_url /media-centre/news
    first_page true
    not_last_page true
    page_links page links here: 1 page links here: 2 page links here: 3 {...}
    perch_item_first true
    perch_item_last true
    perch_item_zero_index 0
    perch_item_index 1
    perch_item_rev_index 1
    perch_item_rev_zero_index 0
    perch_item_count 1
    perch_index_in_set 1
    perch_zero_index_in_set 0
    perch_first_in_set true
    perch_namespace perch:content

    Help greatly appreciated

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  • article template:

    listing template:

    Page links template:

    1. page links here: <perch:before><ul></perch:before>
    2. <li<perch:if exists="selected"> class="active"</perch:if>>
    3. <perch:if exists="spacer">
    4. <perch:pages id="page_number" />
    5. <perch:else />
    6. <a href="<perch:pages id="url" />"><perch:pages id="page_number" /></a>
    7. </perch:if>
    8. </li>
    9. <perch:after></ul></perch:after>