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    It really is a shame. I’ve been using perch since around 2012 maybe... both for sites working for previous employers, personal sites and more recently for my own freelance clients. It’s been an easy recommendation. Initially because the first hand support had been invaluable. We’ve seen that disappear pretty much entirely with the move to the new forum. Now with zero communication and real unresolved issues moving forward with php7.4. I can no longer say that perch is the same perch I used to recommend and therefore have moved on to something else.

    I also have believe that with the current state of the project, selling licenses is misleading and to some degree unethical. They clearly ignore the multiple requests for updates and information. Posts can take days before getting approved for the forum and their social profiles indicate that not only they are supporting but still developing the project.

    So long. My last post here. It’s been a fun ride while it lasted.

    if you have ftp access, add a quick info.php file with [tt]<?php phpinfo();[\tt] to see what version you're running. if you're up to date with the latest version of perch it should run fin upto 7.3. 7.4 will run into issues.

    I agree with everything mentioned by ndwl .

    But to keep your shop up to date with current PHP development you can fix this error quite easily:

    1. foreach($order as $widget_id) {
    2. foreach($stats as $widget=>$data) {
    3. if ($widget==$widget_id) {
    4. if (isset($data['items']) && is_array($data['items']) && count($data['items'])) {
    5. $found_items += count($data['items']);
    6. }
    7. $dashboardHtml .= $Stats->render_widget($widget, $data);
    8. }
    9. }
    10. }

    The warning raised is because $data['items'] can be false which is a boolean not an object that implements the Countable interface, so with recent changes to PHP trying to count a boolean throws this warning. We can "patch" this issue on line 208 of perch_shop/modes/ by adding is_array($data['items']) condition. So it will only count if $data['items] is actually countable.

    I’d like to see a hook executed in The PerchUtil

    debug log function. The use case for me is to be able to send these logs depending on type to external logging and monitoring services such as or Sentry.

    this will give us the ability to better understand the current state of the website, catch errors before they’re reported by our clients and be more proactive with development.

    Did you make that template change in the shop app template folder?

    Just in case... you can copy that template to your perch/templates/ folder following the same folder structure as in the shop app. And it will override the template in the shop app so you can make changes like this without worrying about them being overwritten by a shop app update.

    so if there was a template in :

    1. perch/addons/apps/perch_shop/templates/address/list.html

    you can copy it to:

    1. perch/templates/shop/address/list.html

    Create an app with a form handler, then create a perch form that uses that app as the app=“my_app” attribute.

    Within the form handler you’re in php and can Guzzle the data server side wherever you want

    It’s not an error it’s a warning and shouldn’t prevent your code from executing. The each function was deprecated in 7.2 so yes running 7.3 and using each() will generate this warning. That said the only place I see each being used is in the Guzzle vendor files for the Dropbox and S3 plugins.

    are you using any other custom apps, fieldtypes etc?