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    We’ve updated Perch with some compatibility fixes discovered through our support forums. This is an update to Perch and Perch Runway.

    Do I need to install this?

    This update is recommended for those experiencing the below issues, and those wanting to…
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    Replied to the thread Any Version 4 News?.
    (Quote from drewm)

    Drew, I think you'll find that members of the community will be more than happy to help out.

    However good communication is essential, so that the community is kept in the loop and is reassured that the future is not quite so bleak.
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    (Quote from granttransition)

    I've used the new Stripe Omnipay gateway in another perch app, which functions very similar to shop. Now that they've said they won't be working on new updates I'll see if I can put together the new gateway for shop.
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    I'd like some clarification on whether the Shop SCA issue is going to be addressed. This could have some ramifications for my clients that use Perch Shop.
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