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    I took the chat/ticketing route as suggested by Clive, I've got v4.6 running (with an unreleased core!) seems to be OK, working through the apps I wanted play/investigate, namely the subscription-only events app and blog, working through various issues that have cropped up. Events now seems to work OK with php8, and they are working on fixing issues with php8.1 (there are some fundamental usability issues and the docs are barebones). Still waiting for a fix to the issue I found with blog, but pleased at the proactive responses that I have been getting. I too have a client using shop, not quite brave enough to tackle that just yet though!

    Thought it was about time I tried version 4 and the subscription model. Bought a subscription, Setup domains in my account downloaded v4.5.
    uploaded the perch directory, first to my development site (which is a subdomain of the live site) and then to the live site. The server is using php8.1. Went to perch/setup presented with a form to enter database details. All entered. Clicked Test database… nothing just a blank white page. Did the same with the live site uploaded perch and entered the details… the same white page.

    Any thoughts/insight into why this is happening would be much appreciated.

    Also, doesn't work.

    On the account page license page, the links to the images in the footer are broken
    On the perch Runnway page the lower buy subscription button doesn't work.


    I have a couple of shops up and running and I have to say I’m a big fan. It allows me to design the look and feel exactly how I want.

    That’s not to say there aren’t issues. Top of the list are the concerns re stripe SCA which starts coming in to use in the EU in June.

    Also the lack of search to find or filter orders and customers means that you have page through them a page at a time… painful.

    Being able to sell 1.5kg of nails instead of 1500g of nails would make more sense to customers.

    Integrations with leading accountancy software would be a nice touch as would creating pdfs of invoices for customers to download.

    Please, please do something about the spam registrations. Some use the same email address which I didn’t think was possible.

    Lastly the ability to customise the information displayed variant listing would hugely improve product management.

    Like said you have a great product, a solid starter for ten, on which to build.

    • SCA Stripe fix.
    • Spam prevention for shop customer registrations (members)
    • Improved UI/UX re: management of paginated information e.g orders and customers/members (If you have 100+ pages of orders or customers and you need to look at something that might be on page 48 you have to page through every page to get to it!)

    • Show more detail (ideally customisable, such as price) on the listing pages especially product variants. (would enable certain info to be checked – such as price or shipping without having to open each variant).

    • Customisable Shop dashboard page.

    • Generate pdfs of invoices.

    • Fix UI on pages where the SAVE button doesn't show.

    • Allow products to be sold in fractions. E.g. If a shop sells Material at a price £50 per metre allow the customer to order 1.5metres, the only way to do this at the moment is to have the Products/Price set up in CM and then use javascript to do the conversion so that the user sees it in the units they are used to buying it in.

    • Allow multiple selection of items and single delete.

    • Fix issues with assets/buckets/management

    • Prevent double registrations (with same email address) I didn't think that this could happen but it does.
    • Revamp/Refresh of 1st party pluggins to ensure compatibility
    • Revamp of Events plugin with integration with shop to allow ticket sales for events

    • Revamp of Events plugin to enable bookings (halls/venues and/or "time" e.g. lettings)

    Just a few things off the top of my head! (…well we have had two years to think about this stuff)

    This is reassuring news and definitely a step in the right direction.

    Could you please confirm that you are working on a first party fix for Shop App/Stripe SCA support. My understanding is that although deadline in the the UK has moved back to September 2021. The EU is starting to switch from June.

    I hope I'm wrong and the old forum is down as a result of a technical failiure, but going by recent form this is morely likely to be another shameful example of not communicating with, listening to, or quitely frankly understanding their customers.

    Do you not need a template in your nav declaration e.g.

    1. <?php perch_pages_navigation(array(
    2. 'navgroup' =>'fund-raising-menu',
    3. 'template' => 'side_fund-raising-menu.html',
    4. 'levels' => 1
    5. )); ?>


    1. <perch:before><ul></perch:before>
    2.     <li <perch:if exists="current_page"> class="selected"</perch:if>>
    3.         <a href="<perch:if exists="current_page">#<perch:else /><perch:pages id="pagePath" /></perch:if>">
    4.         <perch:pages id="pageNavText" /></a>
    5.         <perch:pages id="subitems" encode="false" />
    6.     </li>
    7. <perch:after></ul></perch:after>

    George, that's great news… but we've endured two years of "watch this space!" followed by radio silence. A roadmap or timeline or some indication of intent would be more constructive and allow us to plan how we move our own businesses forward and whether Perch still plays a part in those plans.

    Don’t be put off from using shop. I’m primarily a designer rather than a developer so if I can put together a fully functioning “shop” then I’m pretty sure anyone can! I’m not saying it was straightforward, however, in reality, it was really no different to using any other aspect of perch with the exception of there being way less documentation and virtually no examples. That said I probably would have given up too had it not been for information gleaned from this forum, and the help and support from Perchology Slack channel community. Yes, there are some irritations and yes it lacks some of the niceties that a more fully developed solution may have, but released into the wild it seems pretty solid and has been running for a year without a hitch. For me, the biggest plus is that you can make it you’re own, fully integrate it with rest of your site’s look and feel without having to make any design compromises with the added bonus of no additional costs. So, I would recommend perseverance, you will be rewarded in the end, and to Perch’s new owners I urge you not to give up on “shop” but to invest some development into releasing its full potential.