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    You could potentially create a Perch template to write/export content in the format that you want?

    Why? You can use a template to output the content in the format you need, then use something like curl or wget to request the file and save it to disk.

    Could either of you elaborate on how this is done, I've just been asked by a client if its possible to output sales figures from shop.

    Drew that's sounds positive …the frustration comes from not knowing what the future holds, leaving developers and designers with no option but to look for alternative solutions, all of which take time to evaluate and test. All I and others ask is that you keep us informed as to where we stand going forward in a more regular and timely fashion.

    After a temporary blip … when long standing compatibility issues where fixed (much appreciated) … its reassuring to know that normal service has now resumed i.e. total lack of communication from the perch team - Its great to see "customer service" (read contempt for users) being taken to new levels - Cheers!
    Uses Runway. with apps: Blog, Forms, Members, Shop (using stripe gateway), Mailchimp, (also in the past has used twitter and events), plus cognetif's tinyimg optimiser. I know that "Shop" is seen by many as the "straw that broke the camel's back", but being primarily a designer having the ability to put together a fully functioning transactional site is incredible, sure there are a few annoyances/limitations but hey its still version 1!

    Hi Drew,

    I think the community will appreciate the update and what sounds like more updates to come. However I think what is required more than anything else is a more open/honest channel of communication as to the state of play regarding perch. This primary topic of this forum and the slack channel, for the last 6 months has been concern for the future of Perch. The lack of communication coming from the core team, has left many developers feeling uneasy about continuing to sell perch to clients. I for one launched a (runway) shop site earlier this year, and felt/feel, somewhat uneasy about my clients fairly hefty investment being based on a platform that has a less than certain future. Clear communication (either way) would significantly reduce the level of stress and concern that has built up as a result of the radio silence.

    You have a great, much loved product, backed by a loyal community (many of whom are willing to help). Just keep us in the loop.

    Hi all. Thanks for your understanding with this. My first priority is getting Perch and Runway working correctly with PHP 7.4, and then moving our addons on top GitHub and making them available for PRs.

    The reality of this process is that PRs need reviewing and testing, and that often takes just as long as writing the code. Therefore if it's going to be successful, I think we realistically need a few people who are going to be willing to participate in the reviewing.

    I'm going to look at she what aspects of the work done on v4 can be ported back into v3 so that functionality can be used.

    Drew, I think you'll find that members of the community will be more than happy to help out.

    However good communication is essential, so that the community is kept in the loop and is reassured that the future is not quite so bleak.

    I tried that, and the list is truncated correctly and the pagination controls kind of appear below the list. However the number of pages doesn't show and the next button doesn't work.

    1. <?php perch_shop_orders([
    2.     'sort' => 'orderID',
    3.     'sort-order' => 'DESC',
    4.     'count' => 10,
    5.     'paginate' => true,
    6. ]);?>

    shop/orders/list.html template code.

    This appears to work, but is there a more efficient way of doing it so that "any" or "all" tags a removed in one hit. So that if any new tags created by the client would be removed without me having to update the logout code.

    There's no other code in the page than what's listed above. I can't see the debug because it just returns a blank page.
    I've run through it commenting out each line until failiure occurs - appears to be the perch_member_remove_tag(); that is causing the issue.
    I use member tags to set level of trade discount by applying promo codes to aalow discounts of 25%, 30% or 40%.

    There is a "base" tag of trade which evokes the 'Perch' trade price. (this is because sampling is free for trade customers). So a customer can have two members tags set. That said, it also fails when a member doesn't have a tag set.

    Do I have explicitly stat the tag i.e. perch_member_remove_tag('trade'); ?

    Since updating php to 7.1 when a member/customer logs out the redirect has stopped working. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    1. <?php
    2. if (perch_member_logged_in()) {
    3. perch_member_log_out();
    4. perch_shop_set_discount_code(' ');
    5. perch_member_remove_tag();
    6. perch_shop_empty_cart();
    7. PerchSystem::redirect('/account/login');
    8. }
    9. ?>

    Hi Drew,

    I've run into the same problem as Jason, I've liked both his comments above (to hopefully raise their visibility), however the reality is that "I don't like this". The lack of even maintenance updates to rectify problems such as this is alarming. I've spent many months building a new site for a client, reliant on the Perch platform and the Shop app to take their business online… is a huge step for them and an important project for me They've put their faith in me to guide and advise them on the platform that they should use. Given the current state of stagnation, the lack of any clear roadmap or communication (despite the concerns raised by othhers on this forum) I feel like a schmuck… a fraudster… this is not right!

    The current situation is not good for your business… my business… or my client's business.