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    Shop is a great add-on for perch, however, it is seriously lacking in the area of member/customer management. Any moderately successful shop can quickly have hundreds of members and along with them hundreds of orders. However searching through these lists one page at a time to find a specific person or order - to check details or change the status - is excruciating. Being able to search by Order number or a customers last name or email address would be a massive improvement. Making sure the lists sort (ascending/descending) correctly would also help. Even being able to jump to a specific page within the pagination would be a big step forward as would making the signup of members more robust to cut out all the spam registration that get through.


    I've added "spec_min" to the product template there is a (perch) "min_qty" in the variants template. As all the variants will have the same min_qty I thought setting for the product would mean that I wouldn't have to swap it out depending on which variant was selected.

    I'm pretty new to this side of perch so please excuse the dumb questions… but when you say print out the array, how do I do that?

    So I have…

    Should I now be able to use <perch:content id="spec_min"> to display the value of "spec_min" within the namespace "productvalues" or have I misunderstood. Also when I use…

    1. <?php print_r(PerchSystem::get_vars()); ?>

    To see if the value of "spec_min" has been set, nothing is displayed. I was using this to see if the variable was being set

    How do you use getElementById in javascript with ids that get appended by a perch identifier?

    E.g in "shop's" cart the product quantity input field gets appended with a unique identifier (number) for the product .

    1. <perch:input id="qty:<perch:cartitem id="identifier" />" min="" value="<perch:cartitem id="quantity"/>" type="number">

    For processing purposes, the units of qty are CM (Centimetres) but I need to show the qty to the user in M (metres), so I need to apply a conversion to the value of this input (which will be hidden) and display the result in another input (qty_m - which will need to be paired with qty by sharing that same identifier). To do the conversion I was hoping to get the value of qty by using getElementById however the ID isn't qty it actually be qty:# (unique to each cart item)

    I have three product options that a user can buy/select; sample, a returnable sample and a length of fabric. If the user selects to buy a length of fabric they can enter the length required in a input field next to the radio button, this is not a perch generated input field just a standard hand-coded one. I'd like to fill the "placeholder=" and "min=" attributes with the value of the minimum order quantity for the product. This value is available in the perch:shop namespace but when I use <perch:shop id="spec_min"> nothing is inserted. Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong or is this something that simply can't be done?

    Anyone know how to add custom css to the embedded strip form, I'd like to make the imput fields match the look and feel of the other forms on the site.

    Within the form tags of the embedded form there is a set of empty <style> tags how can I populate this with my custom styles? Any thoughts much appreciated.

    Hi Byron Fitzgerald,

    Having a go at implementing you're stripe solution. I think I've got it all setup but when I click the payment button nothing happens. I suspect that i've not got the js hooked up correctly. When I click the button is the card details form meant to pop up like the stripe form?

    Time is running out!
    I received notification from Stripe the other day that full enforcement of SCA will begin on 31 December. Is there going to be a first party fix for this? I'll willingly go down the @Byron Fitzgerald (Stripe Update for Shop) open-source solution, so my client can still trade from the 31st December onwards, but I would like to know if this is going to be addressed by the Perch Team first as I believe Byron's solution involves making changes to core files.

    A timely response would be much appreciated.

    is there a better way to write the following (seems kind of clunky)?

    1. <perch:if id="sku" match="contains" value="-S-">
    2. <perch:if id="imageVariant" match="contains" value="-or">
    3. <li>
    4. <a href="oranges/<perch:variant id="slug" type="slug">"><img src="<perch:variant id="imageVariant" type="text">" loading="lazy" alt="Fabric swatch: <perch:shop id="title">"/><span><perch:variant id="title" type="text"></span><span class="colour"><perch:variant id="colorVariant" type="text"></span></a>
    5. </li>
    6. </perch:if>
    7. </perch:if>

    You could potentially create a Perch template to write/export content in the format that you want?

    Why? You can use a template to output the content in the format you need, then use something like curl or wget to request the file and save it to disk.

    Could either of you elaborate on how this is done, I've just been asked by a client if its possible to output sales figures from shop.