Installation of v4.5 (new subscription)

  • Thought it was about time I tried version 4 and the subscription model. Bought a subscription, Setup domains in my account downloaded v4.5.
    uploaded the perch directory, first to my development site (which is a subdomain of the live site) and then to the live site. The server is using php8.1. Went to perch/setup presented with a form to enter database details. All entered. Clicked Test database… nothing just a blank white page. Did the same with the live site uploaded perch and entered the details… the same white page.

    Any thoughts/insight into why this is happening would be much appreciated.

    Also, doesn't work.

    On the account page license page, the links to the images in the footer are broken
    On the perch Runnway page the lower buy subscription button doesn't work.


  • I'm afraid we've just had to tell a customer that we can't confidently upgrade their shop to function with PHP 8 (and certainly not PHP 8.1) after trying out the latest release. We've made plans for other sites not on shop but what we do going forward I'm not sure...

    Has anyone been able to get the latest release working well? We can get it to function, after some tweaks, but 🤷‍♂️

  • You would be better off either moving to a different platform, or patching the last version Drew put out to php 8.1 yourself. I'm in a similar situation. I only have 1 website which uses Perch Shop and at the moment it's running on PHP 7.4 and is fine. I'm sure the day will come though where my hosting company insists I'm using PHP8, and at that point I will probably have to look to employ a PHP developer to patch the software for me.

    As for other software similar to Perch and Perch Shop, the nearest I've found is Craft CMS with Craft Commerce. It's expensive though, but I guess as we have all learned - you get what you pay for.

  • I took the chat/ticketing route as suggested by Clive, I've got v4.6 running (with an unreleased core!) seems to be OK, working through the apps I wanted play/investigate, namely the subscription-only events app and blog, working through various issues that have cropped up. Events now seems to work OK with php8, and they are working on fixing issues with php8.1 (there are some fundamental usability issues and the docs are barebones). Still waiting for a fix to the issue I found with blog, but pleased at the proactive responses that I have been getting. I too have a client using shop, not quite brave enough to tackle that just yet though!