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    Good afternoon,

    We have been monitoring a post in the forum from a while back (here) that discusses the upcoming stricter 3D Secure requirements from the EU for payments. We've looked into contingency planning to work the new regulations and requirements from Stripe (and other payment providers) into Perch Shop but it would be great to find out if Perch are planning a point release to cover the new requirements?

    The regulations and requirements seem a bit murky but from what we can tell, without support for the new payment processes, Perch Shop customers are going to start seeing a much higher rate of rejected transactions from 14th September once the new regulation come into force. Do you have plans to support Stripe's new SCA ready checkout process in Perch 3?

    We'll be looking to communicate any potential costs to our customers sometime in July so an update would really be appreciated.

    Thanks, Lea.

    PS. Very excited about Perch 4 too.

    So I've just put up a new test region and on this one I can re-order them but when I add a new block, or when I save the region they return to a random order. You can see this happening here. Code for this test region is like so:

    I don't know if it's significant but in the debug when I first visit the region in Perch it mentions "Form not posted or did not validate" underneath the "Using template: /templates/content/services/test-block.html" line. When I hit save I get the usual debug stuff and a "Setting alert: Content successfully updated (success)" message.

    Could it be something in the database ?

    Initially there weren't (in the first example). I've since tried with another block area with a field outside - this is where the even stranger behaviour occurred (see second video). That's where I can re-order the blocks but they also seem to re-order themselves on every save.

    OK I've done more testing and with a totally new region I'm now seeing this behaviour where the region now re-orders itself (without me touching it) on every save. That's using this code in a totally new region:

    I'd really love to know what's going on - it's the last page template in the project!

    Thanks, Lea.

    Thanks for the responses guys (I did think ID's but no, that's not it).

    No errors in Perch debug and nothing in the console when I move and save the blocks. No doubt this is going to be something stupid as if it was a bug others would have reported it by now. Not sure where to look next though!

    Good morning,

    I can't seem to get blocks to honour my re-ordering at all - everything seems to be defaulting to the order the items were added. I've tried striping the code back to the blocks code found in the documentation to see if it is anything in my regions but that hasn't helped. I've also tried removing the region entirely, renaming it etc but nothing seems to work.

    You can see a short video of what's going on here.

    My blocks code looks like this:

    My region code looks like:

    1. perch_content_create('Blocks', array(
    2. 'template' => 'services/blocks.html'
    3. ));
    4. perch_content_custom('Blocks');

    And my diagnostic is:

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Lea.

    Hi Drew - no it's never worked.

    I tried the updating to see if that fixed things (but it didn't). So the customer hasn't been able to add site wide sales since launch of the site - they got in touch as they were frustrated with having to do it on a per product basis.

    Thanks, Lea.


    I have a weird issue with a Perch shop installation. I've updated everything to the latest release but I can't seem to enable 'Sales' for any other user role other than Admin. Other users can create promotions but not sales (the button top right is missing) - customer has explained that this has never worked.

    I'm not sure what to try next as a full update hasn't fixed it and I'd rather not hand over Admin privileges. Is there possibly anything missing in the database coming from an older install of Runway?

    My diagnostic is below:

    Thanks, Lea.