New Upgrades for Subscription Clients!!

  • I've got to say that without an improved core release there's very little goodwill left in our team to move to a subscription model. I'm not against the idea at all but after months of total silence from the Perch team and a very half-baked "version 4" release (which we can't use on production sites in its current state) we won't be making the jump.

    I've always been a fan of Perch and I hope you can get things back on track (not least so we can support our 50+ clients still using your software who are on the verge of being migrated to PHP 8). All the best and I look forward to more regular updates here, maybe...

  • I see that all new add-ons upgrades will be listed under the page address that's unavailable to anyone without a subscription. So where's my incentive to subscribe if I have no idea what add-ons upgrades you've made available? Have you considered something called marketing? That's where you promote and incentivise things so that people know what's available and what they are missing - and then they might subscribe?