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    I'm hoping for something like £99/site with a years worth of updates and support then £49/year after that. I don't think they're going to confirm anything here though. It'll be a more official announcement.

    I suspect the development has been outsourced overseas to be honest. The "development team" will be another company in India. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, it works for some people on a limited budget. But it can easily lead to issues with communication and they do tend to say yes to everything and give unrealistic timescales.

    At this point I'd just be happy with Perch 3.3 with addons on PHP8. Take your time with V4 and do it correctly. I think a mistake here will lead the remaining Perch users to jump ship and it will be a very hard to replace them.

    This is probably due to PHP version. Older versions of Perch show this error on PHP versions above 7.1 I believe.

    Thanks Gareth S

    Does that mean that all of the addons for Version 4 are also ready to go? And is Version 3 along with all the main addons now PHP 8 compatible?

    This. I have multiple sites using various versions of v3 and add-ons including blog, forms and shop. All need to be running on PHP8 by the end of the year as my host is discontinuing PHP7 support. I know there have been some recent updates to Perch core. But do the add-ons now also work with PHP8? There's been no mention that these have been updated too.

    If V4 is going to come with a new subscription based payment model it would be great to have an update to V3 which includes PHP8 support, just so I don't have to move all my clients over to a new monthly or yearly subscription at once!

    Just to confirm, Gareth S . Are addons also being tested and updated to work with PHP8?

    I usually use the forms add-on on most of my sites, and often blog too. Shop would need to be updated to support PHP8 as well. Ideally all the first party addons. Otherwise the work on core is a little pointless. I would say the vast majority of perch sites would use at least one of the addons as well.

    I assume all the addons support PHP 7.4 currently? As 7.3 is being deprecated on the 6th December and removed from my hosts supported PHP versions. Is there a version or update history page somewhere for the addons? So that I can check my sites have the latest addon versions when updating to Perch v3.2 or 3.3 when ready.

    I've recently built my first shop using Perch and it's gone very smoothly. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to PHP I'm more of a front-end developer, but I've got there with no issues and I'm happy with the result, as is my client. I'll echo the comment above, I really like that I can just build the front-end of my shop exactly how I want. I've used Woocommerce in the past and that is an absolute nightmare to work with.

    The docs for shop are OK, but they could do with some improvement. I think a video series like the current Blog add-on has with example files to follow along with would be a real help to new users.

    Hi hus_hmd , I'd just like to thank you for the instructions above :thumbup:. They worked perfectly for my search results page.

    Gareth S I do think that it's strange the image isn't included by default. It's a very common use-case to include a thumbnail image when returning a search on a blog. Perhaps something to add for the next update to the Blog Add-on? :)


    +1 Please don't make Perch anything like Wordpress! I came to Perch because it wasn't like Wordpress (as I would think a lot of people here did).

    I like how Perch isn't bloated. I don't think add-ons need to be part of core either. If you don't have a blog on your site you don't need the blog files cluttering up your project for example.

    Off the top of my head, some improvements I think would be good in the future:

    • Ability to have repeaters within repeaters.
    • Google reCaptcha support much like the mbk addon for Perch Forms (which I don't think is in development any longer).
    • Disable caching when Perch is in development mode. It used to work, but in later versions of PHP I still need to resave a region for changes to a template to take effect even when PERCH_PRODUCTION_MODE is set to PERCH_DEVELOPMENT.

    Thanks for all the updates recently! Very much appreciated.

    Thank you George. This is really all I need, just a bit of reassurance is all. I understand that there must be a lot of work to do but an update every now and then will give the community a bit more confidence in the product I feel.

    One thing I would suggest, which is perhaps more of a long-term task, is to produce a set of video guides for each addon, especially Perch Shop. The documentation is pretty good and I've been able to follow along and get set up with my first project using Perch Shop, but a video guide similar to the set of videos for the Blog would have been super useful.

    Thanks again for the update and I look forward to v3.2 and Perch 4 :)

    Hi. I'm new here but have been using Perch for a few years now, and I'm building my first site using Perch Shop.

    On my product page I'm displaying the brand image associated with the product using the code below:

    1. <img src="<perch:shop id="brand" type="shop_brand" output="image" width="800" />">

    This does display the brand image, but doesn't take any notice of the width attribute. I'm using the default brand template to add my brands to the CMS, and outputting a list of brands using perch_shop_brands and the code below is fine, it displays the image at the scaled size as you would expect.

    1. <perch:shop id="image" type="image" width="800" output="tag" />

    I suspect this is because the type of field above isn't "image", but being within the product template and changing it from "shop_brand" to "image" just sets the image src to "1".

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or if there's a way around this? :/