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    When creating the parent page you have to check the box saying This page will have more pages below it. I found that if I checked the box after I already created the parent page without checking the box, it is still creating the pages in root.
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    Ah, that's what I've missed.

    Luckily I'm in a position where the parent page hasn't too much content, so I can delete it and start again.

    Thanks Mxkert
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    I'm not sure if I've missed a setting, but when I create a subpage and check the location url in the location tab, the page is sitting in the root of the website rather than in the subfolder. This then gives the incorrect url for the…
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    Replied to the thread New App - Form Builder for Perch.
    Looks great. I'm sure I'll be trying this in 2020.
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    Hi everyone, I hope all is well with you, that your Perch developments are going well and that you're having a good holiday break.

    I've been out of the Perch loop for a while, but wanted to announce something I've been working on for a long time: