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    I'm not concerned about the now. But in 6months - 1year with around 50 Perch sites I will be.

    80% of the site are on my server, so I can control when it goes to 8. But the other 20% are on hosting where they just update and then I get an email from the client asking why there are warnings on there site. I know you can roll back, but its not a great situation. I'd rather get the sites php8 ready before its needed. If that means paying someone to do it, I would rather do that then be in the same situation as the SCA mess.

    The fact I asked a legit support question last month (not asking for time-scales) about whether it was being worked on and didn't get a reply, shows I'm better off looking after myself.

    I'm currently in the process of getting php8 versions. I can't remember of the top of my head which ones aren't. A while ago I tested a few sites my upping the php in MAMP and it threw up deprecation warnings. The apps haven't been updated for quite a while, so I'm thinking they are all going to need looking at. The plan is to get a full set, so if I need to use any in the future I can.

    I know you can't give any timescales, but are making the apps php8 compatible being worked on?

    A client has forwarded an email from their hosting saying they are upgrading to php8 from the first week of November.

    At the moment I'm thinking I'm going to hire a third party developer to create me a set of php8 compatible apps. This will leave me with a set I'll no longer be able to update and also out-of-pocket. But if this is the only option I'm prepared to do this.

    Let me know either way.


    I've built a site on my development server and just uploaded it to the clients cheap shared hosting with and I'm seeing the following errors;

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /customers/2/7/b/ in /customers/2/7/b/ on line 1399 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /customers/2/7/b/ in /customers/2/7/b/ on line 1400 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /customers/2/7/b/ in /customers/2/7/b/ on line 1401 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /customers/2/7/b/ in /customers/2/7/b/ on line 1409

    I remember ages ago I had a similar issue and it was white space at the top of the index file, but this time this isn't the case, so I'm not sure what to try? It mentions /about-us/our-promise-to-you.php but that file doesn't have any white space at the top either;…%20at%2016.17.29.png?dl=0

    I've got file upload in my form working OK and it attaches to the admin email. I'm using this in my form;

    1. <div>
    2. <p>Upload your CV or job Spec below (pdf or doc)</p>
    3. <perch:input type="file" id="cv" accept="pdf doc">
    4. </div>

    The admin email gets the file, but I'd also like a mention in the customer email. Not the actual file, just the filename of the document they have uploaded. I added this to the email template;

    1. <tr>
    2. <th>Uploaded file</th>
    3. <td><perch:email id="cv" /></td>
    4. </tr>

    But nothing is outputted. How do I get the filename of the file they uploaded. For example mycv.doc

    Thanks Hussein

    Changing the tags to perch_content_custom() now outputs the content, but if I go back to my original issue of changing the master, it doesn't create the regions.

    Is there a way to create the regions and output the content. Or do I need to get my client to change masters while the tags are perch_content_create() then change them to perch_content_custom() when they want to add content?

    Coming back to this. The client is adding content (which I can see in the admin), but its not showing on the page.

    To re-cap, I'm using these calls for the content;

    1. <?php
    2. perch_content_create('CatTitle', array(
    3. 'template' => 'text.html'
    4. ));
    5. ?><img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="188" id="wcfImgAttachment0">

    And there is content in the region (see attachment).

    But can't work out why the content isn't showing on the page?

    This worked for what I needed. So I changed the Perch calls to;

    1. perch_content_custom('myRegion', array(
    2. 'template' => 'my_template.html',
    3. ));

    and removed the copy from Master bit in the Master settings.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ah, that could be a way around it. Currently, I'm using the method of;

    <?php perch_content('CatTitle'); ?>

    Then setting the regions to copy from another master.

    Instead, if I change the regions on the new master to this method;

    1. perch_content_custom('myRegion', array(
    2. 'template' => 'my_template.html',
    3. ));

    that should enable me to achieve the results I'm after?

    OK. I didn’t know if the new regions should be assigned as per the new master rather than being NEW.

    If this is not the case, do you think deleting the page and re-adding with the new master would be the best way?