File upload filename in Customer email

  • I've got file upload in my form working OK and it attaches to the admin email. I'm using this in my form;

    1. <div>
    2. <p>Upload your CV or job Spec below (pdf or doc)</p>
    3. <perch:input type="file" id="cv" accept="pdf doc">
    4. </div>

    The admin email gets the file, but I'd also like a mention in the customer email. Not the actual file, just the filename of the document they have uploaded. I added this to the email template;

    1. <tr>
    2. <th>Uploaded file</th>
    3. <td><perch:email id="cv" /></td>
    4. </tr>

    But nothing is outputted. How do I get the filename of the file they uploaded. For example mycv.doc