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    Hi Byron

    Thank you. I'm using this for post_feed.html

    And this for post.html

    This is the debug of the page when the posts show;

    And I've re-saved the posts, so their not showing and here is the debug from the same page

    Here is the debug message;


    I've had this happen before on another site, but they don't add posts regularly so the problem doesn't show.

    I have posts feeding into the home page with this;

    1. <?php
    2. perch_blog_custom(array(
    3. 'count' => 3,
    4. 'template' => 'post_feed.html',
    5. 'sort' => 'postDateTime',
    6. 'sort-order' => 'DESC'
    7. ));
    8. ?>

    And I've added 3 posts to start the site off but only the first one shows. I then tried re-saving them all and none showed, re-saved them again and one shows. I've checked they are all set to published, but I can't seem to get all three to show. Plus I know from the previous site, when you get them all showing, if you edit a post all three can disappear. So I'm not sure whats happening?

    I have a debug when saving, but couldn't add it due to the 10,000 character limit. I'll add it in the reply when the post is approved.

    and my diagnostics are;

    Weirdly, re-saving this time to get a debug on save has made all three show, but I know re-saving one will make them all disappear. I can't really tell the client to keep re-saving all the posts until they all appear, so any help would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards


    it says;

    I'm guessing this is the problem...

    1. Invalid query: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'blogID' in 'where clause'

    What should I do to fix this?


    I've updated a site (v2.8.34 with blog 4.6 (I think)) to the latest (diagnostics below).

    I updated the core first, then blog and the updating posts message ran and completed. I've just realised when going to the blog app and listing posts, its empty. The posts are on the site so I hadn't noticed earlier. I can't be 100% which version of blog I updated from, but it was higher than 4.5 as I don't need to do any extra work to update.

    Would a force update help?



    The template looks OK and as I'm working on a Perch site at the moment I quickly used your template as a test and the phone number link worked for me.

    Can you post your source code from a browser of the area to see what's happening?

    Hi Kim

    Does the region for TollFreeNumber in Perch have any spaces in the phone number?

    I do a similar thing to you, but have 2 regions (one for the <a> tag and one for the number that shows on the site), as I like to have spaces in the phone number on display, but need it without for the link.

    OK, thanks. I might disable Strict mode to be safe.

    btw. Am I doing something wrong in this forum as I don't get email notifications of thread updates, even though I'm select watching of thread.


    I might have to suck it and see and they’re are several sites that aren’t on the latest version as I have too many sites to update them all straight away. I normally only update them if there’s an issue or I’m working on the site.

    Quick question. If there is an issue, would it show at the first stage when the site connects to the database? Or could it connect ok and have an issue on another function?


    I need to update mySQL on our server from 5.5 to 5.7. I've asked a few questions on the cPanel forum, trying to get an idea of what might change and they've mentioned that strict mode will be enabled by default. We're checking sites with custom script if this will be an issue. Would any Perch sites need any additional changes or will the Strict mode be OK?



    1. Process time: 0.0427

    Yeah, I thought that when I saw it. I've done a quick video to show whats happening. The text pops in, then images pop in later.

    I had a look in dev tools to see whats happening, but I'll take a closer look.


    Edit - I've just tried looking in Chrome dev tools and the images don't load at all the first time (do after a refresh), so I must have something really wrong... I will keep looking.