Older client still using foxycart, will it still work in current versions of perch?

  • We have a client that is still on the foxycart app. We built their store a long time ago and they are dead set on using a credit card processor that is not supported in the new perch shop. Considering how old the foxycart app is at this point I have avoided upgrading their perch installation out of fear of losing the shop. Is it possible to upgrade to the newest version of perch or at least a newer version of perch than 2.8.24. They were on the final version of the foxycart app that was released.

    I am asking because our web host is forcing PHP 7 migration and this is our only hold out perch site that is in question.

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  • I had this exact same issue with a client and updated it today to latest version 2 and everything is fine except for when we go to edit or add a product we get some kind of HTTP error 500 which I haven’t tried to troubleshoot yet.

    Did you run into any issues like that?

  • tyler_hughes - keep in mind that perch shop uses gateways that implement the OmniPay interface. So if your client is dead set on using one that doesn’t exist, you can always build it yourself too.

    Just saying it’s an option. Out of curiosity, what gateway do they want to use that doesn’t have an OmniPay driver?