Backblaze S3 compatible cloud storage

  • We use Backblaze to back up our computers. Backblaze have announced an S3 compatible API for their B2 Cloud Storage, and it is much cheaper than Amazon S3. Has anyone here tried to get Runway backup using this? I thought I’d ask before I attempt to get it working.

  • Seems no-one here has tried this, so I've given it some tests.

    The only place I can find the web path to the bucket is in buckets.php, so this should work ...

    1. 'b2backup' => [ 
    2.   'type' => 'amazon_s3', 
    3.   'region' => 'us-west-000', 
    4.   'web_path' => '', 
    5.   'file_path' => 'runway-xxxx', 
    6. ], 

    But Debug reports being unable to find the web path. It appears that the domain gets hard-coded into the request, rather than using the web-path I've provided ...

    1. [message] => Error executing "PutObject" on ""; AWS HTTP error: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: (see