Perch Shop Search Variant URL Error

  • When searching Perch Shop - the results are returning the first variant of a product if the product has variants.

    However the result_url returned in the search results does not contain the path to the parent product.


    Search for "French"correctly returns this product:

    result_title: French Door Tester

    result_url: /shop/products/french-door-french-door

    However it also returns the first variant of that product (I found it from the product ID):

    result_title: French Door (This is actually incorrect - it should show the updated title as above?)

    result_url: /shop/products/ (Not sure what is happening here?)

    The variant not updating the parent name is odd, but the result_url breaks the results.

    Can anyone help shed some light on how to fix this issue, or work around it?