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    I have a collection of news articles that our client has recently asked me to install a 'published' and 'unpublished' status.

    The 'status' id I have added will not exist on the already populated news articles. It only gets added on save.

    Hence I have the following filter:

    1.   perch_collection('News Articles', [
    2. 'filter' => 'status',
    3. 'match' => 'neq',
    4. 'value' => 'unpublished',
    5. 'template'=>'_news/news_list.html',
    6. 'sort' => 'newsDate',
    7. 'sort-order' => 'DESC',
    8. 'paginate' => true,
    9. 'count' => 20,
    10. ]);

    I expected perch to treat the absence of the 'status' id as the same as a not equal to match - however it doesn't it.

    So I don't get any results at all.

    Any ideas how I get around this?

    Does anyone else experience the issue of random order region creation? Having to open another tab and manually copy/paste information is a real drag actually, and should be addressed before Perch becomes a subscription-based service, at least in my opinion.

    Also, as stated before, having to press Save twice on the Details and Settings pages, is a real inconvenience so put these two things together and in my view at least you have a very user-unfriendly CMS notwithstanding that depending on what control or text field you have entered data; data may actually be lost which adds frustration to the whole experience.

    Are these the sorts of things that Perch developers and the developers of Perch want going forward?

    You're not alone in this. I had a similar thread a while back.

    A perch_region_order would be fantastic to semantically control the order regions are shown in the admin area as they are a little unpredictable when trying to insert a region in between two existing regions.

    Interestingly, If I remove the secret key it errors out, however if I enter anything in there whatsoever for example: 'XX' it works but all responses go into spam.

    So it is checking for the correct secret key, but not verifying the recaptcha response? Lets anything through.

    We have installed MKB forms on a site we launched yesterday:

    The recaptcha challenge displays OK, however the form is able to be submitted regardless of whether or not it is filled in correctly (removing disabled from the button to allow it to be submitted).

    The documentation says the <perch:input type="hidden" id="g-recaptcha-response" class="g-recaptcha-response"> Should be filled in when a successful recaptcha is entered but it is not. Oddly the form submissions get through anyway even though this field remains empty on submit.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and maybe have a pointer to help resolve?

    We have the following rules in our htaccess file:

    We have used this before without issue (I hope), however in this case trying to access '' (non https) brings up a 404 and the url shows the runway start page?

    Does anyone know what might be going wrong here?

    I think I've worked it out - this goes in the /perch/addons/templates/filters.php file:

    The tag then looks like:

    1. <perch:content type="text" id="tel" filter="formattedNo"/>

    Typical use case:

    1. Tel: <a href="tel:<perch:content type="text" id="tel" filter="formattedNo"/>" title="Call us on <perch:content type="text" id="tel" />"><perch:content type="text" id="tel" /></a>


    I frequently need to convert a telephone number to a <href="tel:..." friendly format.

    Currently I do this in php on every single page that requires it eg:

    Does anyone know how I could do this using a perch template filter? To enable something like:

    1. <perch:content type="text" id="tel" filter="formatted"/>

    PHP isn't my strong point, so whilst I don't necessarily need a finished filter as the answer (but feel free) a basic example to get me going would be great.

    When performing an admin search Runway is correctly identifying the page with matched content, but the link doesn't contain the page ID?


    It seems to be something to do with blocks?

    Does anyone have a fix for this?

    Better image / media management.

    Wordpress for all its troubles does a decent job of media management (global file replacement, alt tags etc).

    Development of Back End Blocks

    Blocks are great, but can tend to break if pushed too far. Reusable blocks would be great - it can be achieved with runway collections and relationships but a standard feature would be very powerful.

    Modern Image Support

    Ability to generate modern web formats (obviously this might require server support).

    Pre Built Starter Shops
    I nearly switched career after building a Perch shop.

    Digging around there are a few values that are checked in the system but not listed in permissions eg:

    1. content.collections.create
    2. content.collections.manage
    3. content.collections.delete

    Looks like the collections permissions are unfinished.

    Works great. I've used your example/technique for adding and removing block level styles.

    I used it in combination with this link on Clives blog:

    This really helped me get redactor where I needed it allowing insertion of precoded blocks, giving the user a link list (although not collection items), a clear explanation of how to get your own styles into the editor.

    Looking at the syntax within the config.js file I would never have worked it out for myself.

    Take this section for example:

    All working great though thanks.

    I'm struggling to get the id of a form to be unique based on the page it is used on. The template renders but when the form is submitted I get a fatal error.

    The ID needs to be different as the responses need to be saved in separate lists based on the page.

    The opening tag to the form looks like:

    1. <perch:form id="<perch:forms id="formID" />" method="post" app="mbk_forms">

    Note: the error occurs whether or not its running through perch_forms or mbk_forms.

    The form renders OK on the page:

    1.  <form id="form1_tester" action="/landing-page-3" method="post">

    However when submitted I get:

    1. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function label() on null in /path/to-site/perch/addons/apps/perch_forms/runtime.php:27 Stack trace: #0 /path/to-site/perch/core/lib/Perch.class.php(134): perch_forms_form_handler(Object(PerchAPI_SubmittedForm)) #1 /path/to-site/perch/core/inc/forms.php(9): Perch->dispatch_form('tester:perch_fo...', Array, Array) #2 /path/to-site/perch/core/inc/forms.php(23): perch_find_posted_forms() #3 /path/to-site/perch/core/lib/Perch.class.php(235): {closure}(Object(PerchSystemEvent)) #4 /path/to-site/perch/core/runway/start.php(36): Perch->event('page.loaded') #5 /Users/tonyastley/Documents/Websites/SpeechWrite/2021-website/site- in /path/to-site/perch/addons/apps/perch_forms/runtime.php on line 27

    Can anyone help or suggest a different method to dynamically separate form responses?