Perch V4 (and future) Megathread

  • And the Perch team should be answering technical questions in this forum. Approving posts and deleting spam is great but you really need to be commenting in detail on technical issues that people have.

    Agreed 100%.

    And to soothe nascent 😆, here are some specific totally Perch focused questions for Will B & Matt A.

    1. What's the current V4 release estimate? It's understandable that deadlines are missed, sometimes by a lot. But what's the team's current goal for getting V4 out?

    2. Is a pre-release beta still going to be released?

    3. What's the latest feature list / change log for V4 compared to V3?

    4. What's the current state of add-on updates? Are they just going to be brought up to current PHP compatibility or are new features being developed? Thinking of Perch Shop particularly.

    5. Relating to Clive's quoted post, are there plans for the Perch team to engage more within the forum? Is anyone from the team going to join the Slack group? Will the development team directly make more contributions here?

    6. Is there a post V4 release marketing plan? Is there an update planned for the website?

    7. Has there been any more thought on the pricing structure?

    8. Can you please give Clive Walker whatever the Perch equivalent of a Knighthood is?


  • Hi ex-jedi

    I've passed along your questions and I hope to provide you with some answers to them soon. When I hear back from my colleagues, I'll post the answers back here asap.

  • Exactly 10 weeks ago. Any news on trying out features for some of us?

  • How is this type of support helping in any way?

    Surely you don't just want to be the middleman every time Matt A ? If the devs and extended team have to answer your questions anyway, why can't they just answer here directly? This extra layer of friction adds nothing, other than letting the team get away with not providing support.

    And no offense – I know you're probably just acting on instruction – but responses like "I'll pass your question on" and "I'll let you know if I hear anything" (!) aren't doing anything to retain the tiny bit of goodwill Perch has left. All it does is highlight the clear chasm between "support" and the dev team. There's a reason that none of your competitors provide support in the same way.

  • ex-jedi there will not be a further update before the weekend.

    To you and the wider community; as I've said before we are committed to the Perch product. We do not invest lightly. I accept that change is not always welcomed and it is clear you have had concerns and doubts long before our involvement. My team is solely tasked with bringing the changes you have previously been promised. In this respect the process of handover has been delayed regrettably and sadly beyond our control.

    We won’t make any more offers or promises on delivery. This leads to disappointment and discontent. We will now only announce changes when they become available and which I appreciate will not satisfy everyone and sadly some will move elsewhere.

    My team will continue to monitor the forum for technical assistance and I trust the space will be respected for its integrity and as a place for constructive conversation.


  • George G

    I think a weekly update from the development team, regardless of the content would be welcome by all on the forum.

    When it goes quiet, we can't help but feel nothing is happening to get version 4 and the first party apps over the line. I'm sure this isn't the case, but that's what it feels like.

  • JamieT the post above is from me and not @GarethS.

    @CliveWalker if you would like to email me directly I would be happy to hear from you.

    To the wider community and the questions above there will be no further comment or promises. We will announce changes when available and continue to monitor the forum for technical issues.

  • I know you can't give any timescales, but are making the apps php8 compatible being worked on?

    A client has forwarded an email from their hosting saying they are upgrading to php8 from the first week of November.

    At the moment I'm thinking I'm going to hire a third party developer to create me a set of php8 compatible apps. This will leave me with a set I'll no longer be able to update and also out-of-pocket. But if this is the only option I'm prepared to do this.

    Let me know either way.