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    Hey new owners, are you there?

    You appear to have let the SSL certificate for Perch’s primary website expire!?!

    I am sure it’s slipped your mind because you’re so busy working on the final tweaks to the upcoming “June 21 release of Perch V4”, but please can you renew this ASAP?

    Thanks kindly. :*

    There are more thing listed in the post including the integration of Runway features into standard Perch. It's not just a UI update as I understand it.

    I know more was listed but so vague I couldn’t comment on those points.

    I was mainly referring to the UI update because that’s important to me. A dark mode being the only UI update in V4 is pathetic. Perch 4 really needs a UI overhaul with its menu structure and certainly how Blocks work.

    So we have gone from a test version being ready to now vague comments and screenshots which are not quite final. Maybe it’s me but it feels like we’re going backwards here Gareth?!

    Hi All,

    An update on the Feature list for V4 is below, this doesn't include the Mobile UI improvements.

    • Dark Mode UI: An option added in General Settings, dark mode image attached (image not 100% final, could be subject to changes).
    • Integration of Perch Runway features into Perch, including an option under Settings > Features to enable/disable these features (for simplification).
    • Collection Indexing: If a user is starting to hit performance problems and a Collection is becoming slow, they can create a custom index. This involves giving it a name, and then picking the fields from the collection that you want to be able to sort and filter on (the fewer the better). In the background, we then create a new database table with a copy of the data but in a traditional optimised table structure containing only the fields they want in the index. When retrieving data to a page, the user would specify which index they want to use (if any).

    I am not sure the UI update is enough for V4 - I already change the horrible Perch UI myself with CSS. - I am not a Runway user so these updates disappoint me a lot. Seems more of a V3.5 than a V4.

    Hi Gareth S

    Maybe to ease my worries you could put my mind to rest on a few questions I have regarding the new ownership and your role.

    1. Does Perch have a dedicated team of Developers working on it or are they shared between other businesses/projects?
    2. Will we be able to have contact with them in the future via the forum/community?
    3. Do you, yourself have technical knowledge and experience with software development?
    4. Are you all based in the UK and from the same office? (maybe not in the current climate but once we're through the pandemic)
    5. You say you have a team around you that help with other 'aspects' but not Perch. Does this mean you work for many businesses and have been bought in to answer questions on behalf of the new owners?
    6. As Perch 4 is in development, it must have talked about pricing structure going forward. Please can you share the current strategy, even if not actual prices yet? ie: 12 free month support, monthly fee, etc etc
    7. Would it be possible for you to give us a technical and more detailed report on Perch's progress on a weekly basis?

    Seeing there is quite a bit of unrest in the Perch camp, maybe now would be a good time for the owner(s)/developer(s) to join the community and share their progress/thoughts with us directly, rather than putting all the weight on your shoulders.

    This is quite possibly the poorest customer service and community support I think I have ever experienced.

    It’s such a shame Drew and Rachel have sold out to a company like this who obviously don’t put the customer first.

    It feels like Perch is now a side project and will ultimately fail.

    It’s time to start looking elsewhere guys, as I think we’re all kidding ourselves that this is every going to be as good as it was 5 years ago.

    The bird has well and truly fallen off its Perch

    Please please can the Perch website remove the words “The really little…” to something more positive and accurate.

    When I refer my clients to Perch, it really puts them off. They know they don’t want Wordpress but big corporates don’t want something “little” managing their website.

    Something about being “lightweight” would be better. And also suit the theme of birds/perch!

    My main wish for V4 is a better UI in the CMS.

    I feel Page Details / Settings tabs should be combined - I was even thinking they would work well on the Regions list area when you click a page's title. Normally this just shows a list of the editiable Regions which barely takes up any space, so to share the Regions list with the Page info, details settings etc would make sense in my opinion.

    Also in the Pages list view I would like to see a way that this list could be optimised better. If a page is hidden from nav, I feel a simple 'crossed out eye' icon or something would help. Even a cog icon on each page's row could take the user direct to the settings for that page.

    The whole side menu in the CMS is really frustrating with the main apps gone when using another App.

    Bulk Delete and Upload in the Assets app would be great.

    App wise I would like to see the backup app working for regular Perch and being able to use it with Dropbox / Google Drive etc