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    Uses Runway. Uses Collections for news posts.

    Pages were constructed in the Perch editor, using a template that combines Blocks and Repeaters to enable the editor to create page layouts with sections and columns, with a 'Super Repeater' I made with some simple JS that allows you to chose the type of content to put in a column.

    Uses Runway, with apps: Blog, Forms, Collections and my app Form Builder, to enable the client to easily create Perch forms themselves.

    It seems we are stuck. I worry that PHP7.4 compatibility issues will force us away from this CMS and cost a lot of development time to migrate to a CMS that work with newer versions of PHP.

    I have over 40 Perch sites that would need to be re-purposed.

    Thanks for this.

    Just a tip for everyone... if you have a 'dark' themed site, you can switch to 'dark' captcha by adding

    1. data-theme="dark"

    to the form code, eg:

    1. <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="YOUR_SITE_KEY" data-theme="dark"></div>

    You can also add this too

    1. data-size="compact"

    if you're tight for space.

    My question is:

    If users forget to click the captcha V2 box, they silently fail and see the success message, yet get added to spam.

    How could we disable the submit button until CAPTCHA is validated, or show an error message if they've forgotten to tick the box?

    There is some activity in the docs repo. Pull requests are getting merged.

    But it's hard to know what's going on. It could be that we suddenly get version 3.x or 4 even... or nothing. In terms of communication it wouldn't take much. If Perch HQ surfaced a few times a month to say 'we are still working on it'. That would be so helpful.

    I agree. The fact that they aren't posting is a real worry, because obvious damage is being done (to brand and tribe) by radio silence.

    Drew and Rachel have always played their cards close to their chest, being careful not to promise a delivery date for features for example, which is understandable. But to go so quiet is un characteristic.

    I found Drew's post in this thread quite alarming. The tone of it seemed a bit 'I give up'. I do hope they're ok.

    Perhaps they are working on selling Perch off and don't feel they can announce anything until the deal is agreed. We can only guess.

    What I hope is, is that they've formed a band called Deep Perchple and they are currently on tour having a great time.

    Either way, drewm & rachelandrew, my thoughts are with you, as I expect many others here are too.

    I have an archive page in blog. Visiting /news/category/category-name will show a list of all the posts in that category.

    I want to add a link to the main navigation which is a link to /news/category/important-updates

    If I create a new page and give it the URL segment '/news/category/important-updates' Runway creates a new page for this url so it's impossible to reach the category archive intended.

    How can we create items in nav, that as with normal Perch, are 'Page already exists or is a link only'?

    I'm using the archive.php pretty much out of the box from the Blog install.

    My category set is News (slug: news) and category is test (path: news/test)

    My archive.php page:

    Hi, I have a Perch Runway site (v2.8.34) with Blog (5.0).

    On the archive page, I have the routes as shown on the docs:

    Like so:







    I have added a category of 'test' to one of the posts

    But, visiting displays no results.

    However this URL does work: but does not add 'Test' to the heading 'Archive of...'

    I must have missed a setting or template somewhere. Can anyone help?