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    With the above, I believe I am in good hands, with the company in good stead.

    Suffice to say, I will be able to use the Perch CMS, for years to come, now that forward compatibility is confirmed.

    Onto more templating, for me!

    Absolutely. It's astonishing that so many have held on for so long. Goes to show how much people want/wanted Perch to work.

    The thread going a bit off the rails isn't the community's fault.

    I was actually referring to developer support of applications, not end user support.

    In any case, I still don't believe it is clear, what the actual problems are.

    May I suggest to the developers, that there be separate threads in relation to apps, since it would seem that most of the noise in this forum is generated as a result of those.

    It is also my forlorn hope that the current owners are still observing this thread and might be stirred to action. If this thread becomes inactive surely that's worse?

    It is my hope as well.

    I have put in major hours working on templates and as is the situation; I believe PHP 8 compatibility is assured, which was my primary concern but I understand and agree that so long as a product, e.g., Perch Apps still exist, they should be wholly supported, so in saying that I would like to know about specific issues because threads become lost very easily and this thread is about Perch' future.

    The direction this thread is taking seems to be born from the frustration of no communication from Perch.

    I can only say, list your grievances; not as alternative solutions but rather have them directly related to the Perch CMS, because this is a Perch forum and not everyone is affected by a specific issue.

    I am sorry your so easily offended others seem to find it worth discussing.

    there really is a lot more important things in the world to be “ offended “ by than a discussion on viable alternatives to a failing CMS. Lastly I believe I just responded to someone’s question i did not steer the thread this way.

    That may be so but there is a time and a place, particularly when opinions expressed; aren't shared unanimously.

    Yes thank you but as there is really not much Perch to talk about at least it keeps the conversation going. Plus discussing alternatives given the situation could be construed as Perch related.

    I don't think it is appropriate, and may be considered offensive; particularly considering that the post itself is about the Perch CMS.

    So, from his perspective, it's really up to your PHP devs to look into this.

    From my perspective, as an end, user; I use a pre-built library on localhost called UniserverZ.

    My web-hosting, however have said that besides the lack of plug-in's available for PHP8 generally, that authentication is an issue, and I am fine with that so long as what I write transfers to the last supported version, i.e., 7.4.5.

    You're not alone in this. I had a similar thread a while back.

    A perch_region_order would be fantastic to semantically control the order regions are shown in the admin area as they are a little unpredictable when trying to insert a region in between two existing regions.

    Do you find also, that even though a new page is behind a subfolder, that it still places it in the root of the site, i.e., in the UI?

    Clive Walker I hope you take this as no offense, but it has become a game to me at this point. I asked the same question several months ago with no response and now I'm annoyed. The answer to that question is huge for me.

    I have unanswered questions, as well; for example, why do content editors need to save twice, i.e., when multiple tabs are open in the browser?

    This situation can lead to data loss, so while I'd like to know about Blog, etc., I am more interested in Core so if you can refrain from posting duplicates, it would be appreciated.

    nascent Personally, I would not be using this on a live site. It's a preview version and I tend to view these as "beta". Up to you of course!

    Will that actually be the case, or will it be a revised 3.3; with subscriptions beyond 4.0 or 4.1?

    That is all speculation but I am happy running whatever the last supported version of Perch is for a time to come, since I have a lot of work to do on templating, getting rid of /'s and non-HTML 5 attributes.

    Gareth S I was wondering how this might work, e.g., can it be used to upgrade an existing installation, without having to downgrade, i.e., once any trial period has ended?

    I am happy to create another (local) installation but if there is no impact on a license or website, then I will put it into production, and wait for any pricing changes from then on.

    All the best, and looking forward to the next iteration of Perch CMS!

    You're not alone in this. I had a similar thread a while back.

    A perch_region_order would be fantastic to semantically control the order regions are shown in the admin area as they are a little unpredictable when trying to insert a region in between two existing regions.

    Region ordering would be fantastic, to allow for programmatic ordering of regions.

    As for my other point about having to save twice, when multiple tabs are open; it really is quite poor that nothing has been said about this at any stage (the previous owners in particular said nothing of which I am aware) since it means you must first do a dummy save and then instigate a real save with or without fields and controls, or data; since the data and any selections simply disappear, which is a pain not least because of time wasted but also data loss and adds to a less than quality experience.

    It would be great if the current developers could comment on this since I don't believe it to be too much a stretch of the imagination; to think that a Content Editor might want to have multiple similar edit pages open in separate browser tabs, e.g., via CTRL + CLICK on a region and then have to update database entries for each page, whether or not any new content has been added.

    On a side note, as far as I know "Republish Pages does not achieve simple update of data in the database, i.e., when a template changes slightly.

    Does anyone else experience the issue of random order region creation? Having to open another tab and manually copy/paste information is a real drag actually, and should be addressed before Perch becomes a subscription-based service, at least in my opinion.

    Also, as stated before, having to press Save twice on the Details and Settings pages, is a real inconvenience so put these two things together and in my view at least you have a very user-unfriendly CMS notwithstanding that depending on what control or text field you have entered data; data may actually be lost which adds frustration to the whole experience.

    Are these the sorts of things that Perch developers and the developers of Perch want going forward?