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    Personally, I don't care whether it is pay once, use and update for free thereafter, or else have unlimited project changes; otherwise add a paid shop plug-in, indeed pay for a period of updates and/or support.

    What I do care about is when a product cycle ends, that it is feature complete and bug-free.


    I am finding that when I click on Details for any page, and change something, sometimes I can use the CTRL + S combination but other times I can't but either way it does not save any information and I must click Submit in any case.

    Just to note, it does seem to happen when more than one tab is open, in either chrome or firefox.



    Thank you for the question Hussein but the answer is no because even though content is duplicated in some pages, to account for a responsive page; I figure search engines would potentially pay attention to display:none; since in some pages I have different content in the upper block, such as an image in Desktop view.

    To the wider forum and developers, would this be a candidate for a feature request because it's kind of tiring having to duplicate all the time when you make a change in one repeater only to have to re-enter the same information in another.


    Hi ellimondo,

    I feared that would be the answer, having to mess around with regions or custom content but I'm still unsure as to whether or not what I am asking is actually possible.

    If not, I would submit that a feature request and/or poll is in order, particulary if users are going to be asked to stump up more money going forward.



    I have the following two blocks:


    which have I believe, what are identical code structures that I would like to replicate content for.

    I was wondering if simply using the same id="" for a <perch:repeater></perch:repeater whether the content will simply be replicated in the same way that id="hidden" can be used to duplicate content for text fields.

    Apologies for changing subject, but will there be any further updates to V3?

    Not that I've had any issues, but I would like to have a feature complete version so I can make an informed decision going forward, i.e. to V4, rather than have to upgrade just to get fixes for things that were either promised or arose during the product cycle.

    I have experience with one company I am endeared to as well but they *always* leave things unfixed by the next whole version number and while it frustrates many; the choice is stark, e.g. use inferior software or purchase hardware as a service.

    Cheers perchers!

    The part that says "digital relocation assistant" is of interest to me since I am not always working on the same system and I feel it is a modern approach but I would also like to include the actual Website I am working on or as I believe Rachel once put it "source of truth".


    General question for the community:

    Is it possible to get a <perch:pages id=""/> from another page and use it in the current page without too much ado?

    I am used to using PHP variables with PerchSystem::set_var(); but I have no idea what I might need to do this, since all I have seen is information regarding perch_content_custom()


    Hi Drew,

    Just on this note, when you say "updates" do you mean features or security updates?

    As an example, when Microsoft phase out products, they continue to supply security updates until an EOL date expires.

    I'm concerned whether or not Perch will become like WHMCS, whereby it seems they are nothing more than mere rent seekers.


    Do you mean the current backup functionality from Runway that's coming to Perch?

    Hi Drew,

    Yes, I am interested to know whether or not I can work on different computers in a similar way to what MAMP proposes.


    Hi Drew,

    A quick question regarding v4 if I may...

    ...I was wondering whether or not the promised cloud functionality would also encompass localhost since I am currently using MAMP and was considering their cloud extension for a one-off fee however if Perch will do this, then I would much prefer an all-in-one solution.


    Some good questions...

    I wasn't anticipating a change to how licensing works and therefore would like to know what the ongoing pricing is going to be.

    Many of the updates in the V3 cycle were not always necessary unless there was a specific problem, it was great that we were told but beyond the 12 months I am wondering if the product will be "feature complete" and whether updates after that point will be non-security related.

    So far so good but a bit concerned.

    Hi Drew,

    I mistakenly wrote that I was in Production mode, when in fact I am always in Development mode hence my question since I was of the belief that Development mode, literally meant that nothing was cached and therefore a simple refresh of a page meant that any changes to an underlying template or PHP code would mean that all data would be retrieved anew.

    There are some occasional problems re-ordering <perch:block/> elements however since I have changed my AMP stack, problems elsewhere have not surfaced as of late.

    Thank you for supporting such a meaningful CMS.


    Hi Drew,

    Thank you for replying with your thorough explanation.

    I cannot seem to fathom the problem since I am using AMPPS and it hasn't been updated for a long time, in other words the only thing I have updated recently is Perch.

    As for uploading an entire database, I haven't checked whether this is strictly necessary between local and internet web servers but I assumed it would be since it was happening locally at least.

    My config.php files on both systems are in Production mode and while I'd like to take advantage of a having the fastest possible caching in PHP, my templates are always in development as I use a great amount of Media features and alas Web Components aren't really here and Perch offers the perfect balance between templated and custom content.