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    ellimondo I should have been more clear that I may be in the minority considering I've only been using Perch for 3 years. Feels like most users have been using the product longer than I have. I went and compared Perch to Craft and most of the other decent CMS systems available including many free options. I could not find a product that gave better value than Perch.

    My main point was after research, I hitched my wagon to Perch 3 years ago and I would hate to have to change now.

    I agree, I think Perch is the best CMS in town. I don't have that many Perch licences in the grand scheme of things. I'd like to have more but it can be a tough sell to clients sometimes. But whenever I have a choice I choose Perch!

    As someone who has benefitted from re-using licences, I've even been given a few old and unused ones, it seems way to generous. I'd accept licences being permanently locked after a year. A new project should mean a new licence.

    That sounds reasonable to me. And perhaps a licence should only be available for reassignment for 12 months. That would allow plenty of time for mid-project changes or if you assign a licence to the wrong domain by mistake.

    Good idea, I'll look into that. It'll probably be fine generally to delete manually, but when legal docs are published the clients will want assets taken down swiftly.

    Cheers Byron

    Thanks Byron. The asset isn't being used on a Page or in a region. The client has uploaded it and just posted the link. So would it be omitted from the regular clean up protocols?

    One of my clients sometimes uploads PDF's and makes them available using the URL only. But when they're deleted from the assets panel the link remains. I recall reading elsewhere that asset cleanup routines are only run when new content is added, so the assets won't go away unless new content is added to replace them. Does this mean that assets used without being associated with a page or region have to be removed manually?

    Thanks. I went for this in the index page instead, which seems to work. Does start only work with count and 'paginate' => false?

    Hi all

    I'm trying to wrap the first couple of items output from a `post_in_list` template in one container and wrap the rest in a different one so I can apply different grid layouts to them. Trying a couple of ways to achieve this, but the `second-wrapper` seems to be being ignored. Am I doing it wrong or does perch:before just not work this way? Should I break those up into different templates?

    First with with perch:every, perch: else and perch:before...

    Then with with perch:every and perch:before.


    Are there still Perch icons/badges available to put in footers to show that a site is built with Perch? Is that still a thing?