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    And the Perch team should be answering technical questions in this forum. Approving posts and deleting spam is great but you really need to be commenting in detail on technical issues that people have.

    Agreed 100%.

    And to soothe nascent 😆, here are some specific totally Perch focused questions for Will B & Matt A.

    1. What's the current V4 release estimate? It's understandable that deadlines are missed, sometimes by a lot. But what's the team's current goal for getting V4 out?

    2. Is a pre-release beta still going to be released?

    3. What's the latest feature list / change log for V4 compared to V3?

    4. What's the current state of add-on updates? Are they just going to be brought up to current PHP compatibility or are new features being developed? Thinking of Perch Shop particularly.

    5. Relating to Clive's quoted post, are there plans for the Perch team to engage more within the forum? Is anyone from the team going to join the Slack group? Will the development team directly make more contributions here?

    6. Is there a post V4 release marketing plan? Is there an update planned for the website?

    7. Has there been any more thought on the pricing structure?

    8. Can you please give Clive Walker whatever the Perch equivalent of a Knighthood is?


    Your patience is appreciated. I am checking the forum at least once a day to approve posts and delete spam

    It's good to hear this and George's message. General statements of commitment are welcome but some detail is needed. Please take note of the need for more regular feedback, acknowledgement and updates.

    I can only say, list your grievances; not as alternative solutions but rather have them directly related to the Perch CMS, because this is a Perch forum and not everyone is affected by a specific issue.

    Have we not listed very many specific grievances? There are grievances galore but there hasn't been much of a response has there. We've been banging our heads against a brick wall for a long time now and this thread is the consequence of that.

    And yes, not everyone is affected by a specific issue. But by that same rationale, not everyone is opposed to discussing alternatives to Perch. This is a community forum so the community guides the discussions. Though it's a bit grandiose to put it in such terms, you of course have the right to complain about the content of posts.

    It is also my forlorn hope that the current owners are still observing this thread and might be stirred to action. If this thread becomes inactive surely that's worse?

    I'm using SnipCart to build an e-commerce site for a client with a small inventory.

    I'm using a list and detail page with regular Perch. They don't need many variants at the moment so this meets their needs for now. I'll put it on github when it's done if it's useful for anyone.

    It would be interesting to hear about what others have done, especially with Runway & SnipCart, for more complex solutions.

    Ta. :burd1:

    Snipcart works really well with collection items I've discovered. I won't be using Perch Shop again even if they update it. With Snipcart it's possible to have event-like products where the price is influenced by both collection item data and dynamic user input on the product page, including things like calendar input in relation to server time, and anything you like. Because Runway makes it easy to manipulate the output before it's rendered, then Snipcart allows dynamic incremental pricing changes via javascript. The combo of these two factors opens many possible product types that Perch Shop couldn't cater for. I'll share my code later in show-tell section.

    I'm just working on a Snipcart + Perch thing so I'd be very interested to see that.