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    I Agree 100%!!

    The fact that we've held on for so long shows how good we think Perch is. There's really nothing quite like it, so a lot of us have been willing to take a lot of punishment in the hope that Perch will rise again.

    There are ones in the community who would be eager to get involved, but I fear that won't be the case for long. The ones that are still putting out stuff on Perch's behalf, including the ones covering the bulk of technical support, are ready to quit. Building a community from scratch again will be much harder than rallying what's left.

    Being cagey is multiplying whatever issues there are. Can we have an update today so we're not all stewing over the weekend... please?

    There was talk of improving the ecosystem for third-party add-ons. I think Drew mentioned a marketplace type thing? Is that still part of the plan? And are there plans to update the website and marketing? The 'really little CMS' thing still makes me wince. 🤦‍♂️

    But as always, what's the current release timeline? Is there a date you're aiming for or are we at let's wait and see? 😓😓😓

    I had a similar issue which in my case was due to my web host changing the mail server details.

    Have you tried testing your mail configuration? If not, log into Perch admin and visit Settings > Email. Here you can send a test email to check your email is correctly configured.


    The larger V4 update - Our team have completed work a UI dark mode and an update the UI on mobile. We are still working on the full build for this and I will update you all asap


    Dark mode sounds interesting. Is there though a more exhaustive list of changes & improvements in V4? And any update on the preview version release?


    From what I am aware of, the main delay has been in the creation and exporting of the final build itself, rather than the development side. If I get any further details I will let everyone know asap.

    Thanks for that. It would be good if we had something substantial before the weekend. There's a full scale meltdown in progress in the Perchology Slack and amoing the most long suffering members of the community. So a comprehensive report would perhaps help to arrest that a little bit.

    I'm still hopeful, but there are many I think that would ridicule me for that. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    It would be nice, even if someone cannot help, just posted to say the reason for the delay. Have you though bringing some of the community in to answer questions might help?

    Agreed. As community members are handling most of the support bringing some into the loop wouldn't be a huge leap. It would help build trust in your customer base. Also, you should think of a way to reward those taking the lead with support. They've been propping up Perch for a long time without much recognition.