Question about uploading an asset

  • When an asset (say a PDF) is uploaded, and one already exists with this name, the Asset uploading system just appends something like -1 to the name I recall. So, for example, 'annual-report.pdf' becomes something like 'annual-report-1.pdf'. Is there a way that anyone has found or uses that could force the upload process to replace the current file and leave the name the same. I have a few customers where this sort of thing is starting to apply. They have links inside text blocks on other pages that point to the file and they have to be changed every time a file is 'replaced'. I'd like to use a more elegant solution to this if I can.

  • Thanks Drew. Please accept this as a 'request for change' sometime if its possible and if work is to be done in the area of assets in the future. There are about five of my customers who would really appreciate being able to do this.

  • A switchable behaviour for specific buckets would work for me. I can use a specific bucket for the files that I don't want renamed when replaced. Neither the folder nor the filename would then change each time the asset was replaced.

    The use cases are things like - annual report, PDF of terms/conditions, charities policy documents, application forms. They get changed every few months or yearly, but the filenames don't really need to change each time. The way we currently get around this at the moment is fixed links to the folder/files and the customers request send me the files to be replaced via FTP each time. All those customers are regular Perch users and handle all the other updates themselves.

    Thanks for listening.