Search won't work. Illegal argument to a regular expression.

  • I'm trying to get search to work on a new site, but no results show and I see this in debug.

    SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS DISTINCT 'PerchContent_SearchHandler' AS source, '' AS score, '' AS col1, '' AS col2, '' AS col3, '' AS col4, '' AS col5, '' AS col6, '' AS col7, '' AS col8 FROM perch3_content_regions WHERE 1=0 UNION SELECT 'PerchContent_RunwaySearch' AS source, 1 AS score, c.collectionKey AS col1, ci.itemSearch AS col2, ci.itemJSON AS col3, c.collectionOptions AS col4, c.collectionKey AS col5, c.collectionKey AS col6, collectionTemplate AS col7, c.collectionKey AS col8 FROM perch3_collections c, perch3_collection_items ci, perch3_collection_revisions cr WHERE c.collectionID=cr.collectionID AND cr.itemID=ci.itemID AND cr.itemRev=ci.itemRev AND c.collectionSearchable=1 AND cr.itemSearchable=1 AND ci.itemSearch REGEXP '[[:<:]]pedestrian[[:>:]]' ORDER BY score ASC LIMIT 0, 10

    Invalid query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 3685 Illegal argument to a regular expression.