Outputting Members custom fields

  • I recently created a thread trying to get repeaters to work in the member.html template. That is resolved as it seems repeaters aren't currently supported for Members.

    Repeaters in Member Template

    After trying to use just individual fields it looks as if all custom fields outside of repeaters don't work either.

    1. *** perch/templates/members/member.html
    2. <perch:members type="text" id="first_name" label="First name" listing="true" order="1" />
    3. <perch:members type="text" id="last_name" label="Last name" listing="true" order="2" />
    4. <perch:members type="text" id="company_name" label="Company Name" listing="true" order="3" />

    When I try to output <perch:member id="company_name" /> nothing is outputted. Custom fields do not show in <perch:showall/> and echo perch_member_get('company_name'); does not work either. All the default fields like 'first_name', 'last_name', and 'email' work fine.

    Is this not yet supported either or am I just approaching this incorrectly?

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