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  • Hi,

    I am sure this question is something small and dumb. I created three pages. But I noticed that I am getting double pages for some of them in the listing pages section. I delete the pages but they come back. Can someone please tell me what is going on or what I am doing wrong. When I am in the "editing pages" section "Top level is selected.

    It's annoying and I am trying hard to love :):( Perch, I spending more time deleting pages than completing the website.

    Thank you

  • drewm

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  • They are different path. But I decided to deleted everything and start over to see what I might be doing wrong. I did noticed when I enter the code below into the page, that is when I noticed duplicate. When I moved the code from the page, it wasn't creating duplicate section or pages.

    Thank you Drewm for time help.


    perch_content_create('Carousel', array(

    'template' => 'carousel-main.html',

    'multiple' => true,


    perch_content_custom('Carousel', array(

    'template' => 'carousel-indicators.html',


    perch_content_custom('Carousel', array(

    'template' => 'carousel-slides.html',