PerchAPI_Factory::all() Paging Sort DESC

  • Hi,

    I'm creating a new app for Perch, and have a PerchAdminListing that lists records of a PerchAPI_Factory object. The PerchAPI_Factory object takes a PerchAPI_Paging object when calling the all function:

    1. $Paging->set_per_page(50);
    2. $Queue = new Queue($API)
    3. $Jobs = $Queue->all($Paging);
    4. $Listing = new PerchAdminListing($CurrentUser, $HTML, $Lang, $Paging);
    5. /*
    6. * Column defs: a bunch of $Listing->add_cols([]);
    7. */
    8. echo $Listing->render($Jobs);

    I'd like to sort the paging DESC, but looks like that may be reserved for PerchRunway [REF: PerchPaging.class.php:65] .. can you confirm ? Or is there another way to achieve this ?


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