Idea for improving views in Assets

  • This is aimed mainly drewm but all criticisms or expansions on this welcome.

    I have just seen a neat little feature on a clients hosting (on - yuk but that was their choice - trying to get them to move to Perch) where when one of the assets is in use on a page they let you know.

    I know Perch keeps track of in-use assets and it would be great if we could leverage that a bit more visually. The interface includes a small eye icon over the image showing it is in use - see my attached screen grab. When you hover or click on that icon you get small modal telling you it is in use and on what page/s. To take this further, what they don't do, is to be able to sort the assets by:

    • what is in use,
    • what is not in use,
    • what is a library asset,
    • and what is not a Library asset

    would also be useful to people managing the site.

    Just an idea and may be too many pain points to add this but I thought I'd throw it in.

  • drewm

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  • Yes - if the client has multiple versions of an image (perhaps different sizes and crops) in assets they can quickly see what is used and where - would aid them when they want to add an existing images to a new entry.

    More of an enhancement than a must have though!

  • Yeah I ran across something that this would be useful for. On an old site a client had uploaded multiple versions of the same logo for use in a multi region so the asset manager was polluted with the logo. But since different instances of the same logo were used by different items of the multi region we didn’t know which were in use or not. Having an icon like that would be a good visual queue to know which one to use and eventually weed out the ones not used so that they could be removed and only have one instance remaining.