Displaying brand image on Perch Shop product page

  • Hi. I'm new here but have been using Perch for a few years now, and I'm building my first site using Perch Shop.

    On my product page I'm displaying the brand image associated with the product using the code below:

    1. <img src="<perch:shop id="brand" type="shop_brand" output="image" width="800" />">

    This does display the brand image, but doesn't take any notice of the width attribute. I'm using the default brand template to add my brands to the CMS, and outputting a list of brands using perch_shop_brands and the code below is fine, it displays the image at the scaled size as you would expect.

    1. <perch:shop id="image" type="image" width="800" output="tag" />

    I suspect this is because the type of field above isn't "image", but being within the product template and changing it from "shop_brand" to "image" just sets the image src to "1".

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or if there's a way around this? :/

  • George G

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