Perch CMS vs. Couch CMS

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    I currently already have an html coded site that just needs a CMS to allow the client to update a few sections such as the blog. Right now I'm leaning towards Couch because the documentation makes perfect sense and seems quite simple to understand, however reddit has praised Perch in the past. Also, a few days ago couch was criticized for a few development reasons. FetLife iTunes


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  • I don't know much about Couch CMS, and I am sure it's a good product. The question you need to ask yourself, can the product grow for your client(s) and how helpful is the community because that is important when dealing with issues. Perch has been around for over 10+ years and you get free updates for the life of the software. If you know HTML perch is pretty easy to learn and it comes with bunch of pre-built tools to build a blog for your client.

  • I don't know Couch at all so I can't speak for it. I can tell you that around 3-4 years ago I researched CMS systems extensively. After that research I chose Perch and every project I have done since then I have utilized Perch. I believe there is a learning curve, but to be honest I believe that a learning curve exists with any CMS that you are going to use. Trying to figure out the best way to write something to be both efficient and easy for your client when using the system takes some thought.

    I am happy about my choice and my clients all enjoy utilizing the CMS. I plan on continuing to use Perch for the foreseeable future. Good luck with your choice and if you have any specific questions about Perch feel free to ask the community. Everyone here is pretty helpful.