Members Expiry Date (tag) - Global Reset

  • I created a website fro a client where restricted content was to be available until a nominal date. This was achieved using the 'members' app and the use of a tag and expiry date.

    However, the client has decided to extend the time members (with the given tag) are allowed to view the content and as such, the currently set expiry date requires changing.

    The site currently has over 1,800 users with the members tag and now defunct expiry date and as such, I am not relishing the thought of having to go in via the perch admin panel and individually clicking on every member and resetting the expiry date for the tag.

    There must be a way to globally change the expiry date for this tag for all members ? I can get into the DB via phpmyadmin, but I cannot find anywhere obvious in here where I could potentially complete a reset.

    For example, if I go to the table "perch3_members_member_tag", I can see a 'tagExpires' column, but everything is set to NULL.

    Just wondering if there is some global storage of the date set against the member tag.