Backup / restore issues with Runway

  • Hi

    I am having a weird data sync issue and wondered if anyone can help.

    I am using the backup / restore facility in Runway and syncing to Dropbox. I use this for lots of sites and have never experienced any issues. However I am currently trying to sync a staging site down to the local dev site and am experiencing the following behaviour:

    If I restore using Perch's restore interface I get partial data. If I take the same backup file and restore through something like phpmyadmin, I get the full set of data.

    By partial data I mean I am missing certain bits of content, blog posts and assets/buckets. It's a bit worrying. Luckily I noticed the missing data before I worked on any updates.

    I've dropped the local tables, deleted and recreated them, etc, but the same thing happens when using the Perch interface.

    I am using MAMP PRO to run my local dev.

    How would I go about trying to troubleshoot or resolve this issue? Has anybody experienced similar behaviour?