Promotions: Discount intended for one category applied to all items

  • The promotions page is easy to set up, including choosing a single category for a discount.

    I create a 25% discount for one of two Shop categories. That category is chosen. But at the cart the discount is applied to items from both categories.

    On cart.html:

    1. <tr class="total discount">
    2.     <th colspan="5">
    3.         Discount (<perch:shop id="discount_code" />)
    4.     </th>
    5.         <td class="money">
    6.             <perch:shop id="total_discounts_formatted" />
    7.         </td>
    8. </tr>
  • drewm

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  • Hello Jonathan,

    Yes, thank you, I reviewed your post before posting my own. You hinted at achieving an acceptable result using Sales. Since the "Discount by percent" is ideal for what I'm after, I thought I'd post about getting that working.

    Inspecting the admin page, it looks like the form is okay, in my case isolating the category "Broadsides".

    1. <div class="field-wrap " data-label="Applies to products in category" data-summary="Broadsides" data-update="categories:perch_categories">...
    2. </div>
  • I saw that this was marked "resolved" for a while but it is not.

    I'll stay on topic but ask the question from a different angle.

    Has anyone applied a discount to one or more Shop categories (when multiple categories exist) with no problem? What I encountered was that, at the cart, a discount chosen for one category only was applied to all categories.

  • Hi John

    Not much help to give you I'm afraid, but I do think my issue is the same as yours: I cannot apply a discount to a single category. All categories get added. I've never resolved it in my post. I have not been able to get this working and there hasn't been any update to Shop since that time.