500 error when saving a certain image

  • On the portfolio site I'm working on, I'm adding large images to the bottom of pages, essentially full homepage designs of websites.

    I've had no problems until the image I'm trying to add now.

    I can upload the image fine, it's not larger in file size than some of the other images I've used. The only difference is that it's quite a lot taller.

    When I try to save, I get a 500 error page.

    I've went back and saved the template with much higher height than needed on the image with no luck.

    Is there some sort of limit on image sizes that I can change in perch?

  • I guess there is some server restrictions. I mean, even photoshop has a max limit to the width/height of images when saving for web and devices. I haven't looked properly into it but I've made the images smaller and it's fixed the problem.