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    Nice, clean website. Very well done.

    I just have two comments on the styling; On the homepage in the Hello-section the words graphic, logo & web design are links, but don't link to anything. In the steps-section, starting with Pick a project when clicking the slider arrows, it shows an outline around the arrows, I would personally remove this, using outline: 0.

    Thanks for the feedback and for pointing that out, no doubt I would have missed something!

    Regarding the outlines, I normally remove these but in this case I decided to leave them in as I thought it might help a bit with accessibility.

    Lee great work I love the vision and uniqueness of this site. I have an ultra wide monitor and it looks great on this as well.

    • Really cool to have Modulizer and social icons on the left side of the screen that change colors on scroll depending upon background color
    • Pick a project section is really cool. Small critique would be changing to Flickety so I could use touch to scroll to the right. Not sure if this is doable
    • I think you might consider using snazzy maps for your map visuals. It allows you to take Google maps and really change the color of the map to fit your website style
    • I like your bouncing map icon and I'm going to steal that. :-)
    • Load speed is also outstanding I got an error on your favicon so you might want to check that URL: , here is my speed test…74561a8a9280128b2a989d40/
    • I might consider Cloudflare for a CDN, htaccess for caching, and also compression of images.

    That's a lot of feedback Matt, thanks for taking the time! :)

    Flickety slider: I should have done this but to be honest, I was using a library for the other sliders but this one got complicated so I hand coded it. Unfortunately, I've never coded for touch so I kind of overlooked it and was just happy I managed to get it working at all.

    Map: I've used snazzy maps before but I actually opted for the original map scheme for this site, I just thought it worked well with the site.

    Speed: I was surprised myself! I think I got a 90 for mobile and 99 for desktop with page speed insights on my first try. It's the first time I've used lazy loading which I imagine helped a lot.

    I noticed a couple of optimisations too, I'll make sure to get those images shrunk today! Same with the favicon, added the code but forgot the file haha

    I THINK I might have found a workaround by adding this to the page template and setting the template of 'Project Name' to be a code block:

    1. <?php
    2. $projectTitle = perch_content('Project Name', true);
    3. ?>

    then adding this to the perch_content_custom function:

    1. 'value'=> $projectTitle,

    Feels a bit hacky and means adding the project name to the project details section as well as the page individually but it works. I guess the problem is mainly coming from the fact that I was placing all of the project data, and therefore anything I can use to distinguish this page from any other, within the 'Project Details' template rather than directly onto the page template.

    'value' => 'my-project-slug', // the value of the field with the ID "slug"

    Thanks, I understand all that, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to dynamically fill this part with content pulled from further up the page here:

    1. <?php perch_content('Project Details') ?>

    If I was working in JS I would do something like:

    1. const projectName = document.getElementById('projectName).innerText;

    and then replace the value with the projectName variable.

    Is there anything similar in PHP?

    So I have a page template which has a 'project_details' template within it.

    I then have a 'project_thumb' template that's used with perch_content_custom to create thumbnails from the 'project_details' templates found within pages.

    At the bottom of the page I'm trying to display 3 thumbnails of 'more projects'.

    Is there a way to exclude the current page in the perch_content_custom function?

    Simplified Version of my page template:

    Right now, there's the possibility of having a thumbnail appear for the same page that is currently being viewed and I want to exclude this current page from the pulled pages.

    I guess there is some server restrictions. I mean, even photoshop has a max limit to the width/height of images when saving for web and devices. I haven't looked properly into it but I've made the images smaller and it's fixed the problem.

    On the portfolio site I'm working on, I'm adding large images to the bottom of pages, essentially full homepage designs of websites.

    I've had no problems until the image I'm trying to add now.

    I can upload the image fine, it's not larger in file size than some of the other images I've used. The only difference is that it's quite a lot taller.

    When I try to save, I get a 500 error page.

    I've went back and saved the template with much higher height than needed on the image with no luck.

    Is there some sort of limit on image sizes that I can change in perch?

    Thanks for the feedback :) To be honest, I only put the phone number as a link as the icon appears in the header on mobile. Now you've pointed that out, I think it would have been a good idea though at the moment, I'll probably leave it unless the client requests it.

    So I've used this to filter out the currently displayed post when showing other blog post thumbs at the bottom of a blog post page.

    On my portfolio site, I've set it up so I can create new pages which include a content template to fill in project details. At the bottom, I want to show 'more projects' thumbs, similar to the above, filtering out the currently displayed project. Since I can't use perch_get('s'), is there another way to grab an ID value from the template being pulled in further up the page?

    I'm trying to do something like this:

    Thanks for the feedback Matt, glad you like them :)

    Regarding SSL, I'm going to be honest, I'm completely new to web security. I know SSL is needed especially when handling data and such, such as eCommerce websites and member logins, but that's about it. I've set up SSL only once or twice, and it was just a case of turning it on from the dashboard of my admin, on a per site basis. Is there more to it I should know?

    Here are the first 2 websites I've built using perch. In fact, I've only built about 6 websites since learning to code.

    My first 4 were static and perch has opened to door for my freelance career in terms of being able to create realistic, client friendly (having a CMS) websites. My next venture will be eCommerce and I'm worried that it might be too difficult for me but I won't know unless I try!8)

    Cafe Central Park (ignore the video, it's old and we're looking to get a videographer in)

    Expert Teacher Tutors

    So I'm adding a blog to my website which is going well so far.

    I'm trying to keep the blog very simple. There's only 2 parts. Post List and Post. I'm not using any tags as it's unlikely there will be enough posts to make it relevant.

    After a blog post, I'm trying to show 2 'read more' posts using my list template.

    I just want to simply display the 2 latest posts, not including the currently viewed post. Is this possible?

    I've set up 2 radio buttons and although they appear to act normally, they appear in the elements tab on google console as all checked at all times. Will this effect the data when the form is posted?

    I've designed the site in a way that the inputs are invisible and the labels are used to control them. Perch prepends the labels FOR attribute and the input ID's with "form1_" which isn't a big deal, but also appends "0" to only the input ID's causing them to not match.

    I've tried removing the FOR attribute and nesting the input within the label but perch goes ahead and creates and adds "for="form1_"" to the input anyway.

    Here's my code:

    1. <perch:label>
    2. <span>...</span>
    3. <perch:input type="radio" id="bespoke" label="bespoke" name="type" />
    4. </perch:label>
    5. <perch:label>
    6. <span>...</span>
    7. <perch:input type="radio" id="modular" label="modular" name="type" />
    8. </perch:label>

    What I see on the google console:

    1. <label for="form1_">
    2. <span>...</span>
    3. <input type="radio" id="form1_bespoke0" name="type" checked="checked"/>
    4. </label>
    5. <label for="form1_">
    6. <span>...</span>
    7. <input type="radio" id="form1_modular0" name="type" checked="checked"/>
    8. </label>

    What I expect:

    1. <label>
    2. <span>...</span>
    3. <input type="radio" id="bespoke" name="type"/>
    4. </label>
    5. <label>
    6. <span>...</span>
    7. <input type="radio" id="modular" name="type"/>
    8. </label>

    How can I get this output please?