Few Sites that went live

  • Here are several Perch sites that went live in the last 4 months. :burd1fly::burd1fly::burd1fly::burd1fly::burd1fly:

    • Masters of Turf - I like the layout with the frame around everything the footer and header are sticky. I also like the footer
    • Circle of Health - I like the acupuncture needles for quotation marks, mobile menu icons and home page hero background. Not a huge fan of the heavy background textures throughout but my client loves it. Also some of the pages are a little wordy for me.
    • Rocky Mountain Insurance - I like the menu with angled quote and the map section next to the Attention to detail section. Quote page is a little different with a bunch of forms on one page only shown based on the option you choose
    • Total Garage Concepts - I like the "Working with us Section" and the Footer with the map modals and the Chaos quote. Garage Gallery is kind of cool added multiple galleries on one page and still loads pretty quick
    • Armour Roofing Florida - I like the section below the logo is angled like a roof, Storm Chasers background animated Gif, and the rotating svg that says licenced, insured, trusted & professional
    • Armour Roofing Colorado - I like that the home page pics are angled like a roof
    • Quality Drills - I like home page overlay of image and verbiage used several different gradients. I especially like the gradient wheatfield since I'm from Kansas I hate the stupid full width postcard, but was required to put it in. Please don't judge on that. I also hate that my client never got me verbiage on several pages.
  • vwatson Thanks you for the kind words. I don't use CSS frameworks. Everything is CSS grid with a flexbox fall back, so my sites will essentially work with all modern browsers and IE10 or greater.

    I guess to be specific I don't utilize a frontend framework like Bootstrap or Foundation I use HTML5 boilerplate and CSS grid. Technically, HTML5 boilerplate is considered a framework