Blog Category 'disappears' if its meta/social data is saved

  • I have the latest install of perch (3.1.5) and blog (5.6.1).

    Making a change to a blog's meta/social data causes the post's category to be lost (even though admin thinks it's still there). I have to go back in to the main part of the post and resave to get the post's category to be recognised again. It's very difficult to keep track of which posts might be missing from a category or not.

    To reproduce:

    * Make a change to a blog post's meta/social data eg. change the author or allow comments.

    * Check that it's category is still ok on the main part of the post - and it is - the category checkbox is still ticked.

    * Go to the blog on the site, and click the category to see a list of the posts with that category. That particular post has gone - even though ADMIN still has the category assigned.

    * Go back into admin and Re-save the blog post

    * The post is now included in the list when you click the category.

    I did see a ticket on the old system over a year ago with this issue. Is there any news on a fix for this?

    Many thanks

  • I am running into a similar issue with the tags.

    The tags ‘disappear’ from the site even though they are still present in the admin panel.

    I tracked it down to entries being removed from ‘perch3_blog_posts_to_tags’ table each time the scheduled tasks are run. Saving the entry a second time solves the issue.

    How did you solve your issue?

  • Unfortunately not David. I believe that it is a known bug

    I came across this a long time ago and yes, agree it's a bug and flagged, to be honest, I thought it had been resolved, perhaps it's crept back in...

    I noticed that any changes made on the blog's second tab 'Meta & Social' you had to switch back to the first tab THEN save the changes, switching tabs doesn't refresh the page so any changes on the second tab are retained. This would include 'Tags' as well.

  • Thanks Janet.

    I reached mosre or less the same conclusions than you.

    In my case, the tags disappears when the scheduled tasks run (when the post is published). Saving the post again, restores them and they stop disappearing from there on.

    Maybe v4 will solve this issue?