category-match all not working

  • I've been trying to create a list of the latest 10 blog articles based on two matching categories.

    It seems to work in perfectly in my local environment but on the live site it wont return any matching results.

    The only difference I can think of is that the live site still uses PHP5 (I know!). Would this be the cause of the 'category-match'=>'all' not working?

    Perch version is running and older version: 2.8.18


    PHP 5.4.39

    MySQL 5.5.43

    PHP 7.2.1

    MySQL 5.7.24

    For reference:

    1. perch_blog_custom(array(
    2. 'template'=>'rss_courses_post.html',
    3. 'category'=>array('country/australia/', 'blog/courses/'),
    4. 'category-match'=>'all',
    5. 'count'=>10,
    6. 'sort'=>'postDateTime',
    7. 'sort-order'=>'DESC'
    8. ));
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