Using perch_member_get for custom fields

  • As part of my client's website Registeration Process they ask for details such as telephone, address etc etc. All of this information is captured in the Perch Members app. I want to disply some of this infomation on the users profile page. I can show the default ones like Firstname / Last Name etc but haw can I show the Member's Extra details? ie:

    I thought I would be able to get them based on the ID used in the member.html file: <perch:members type="text" id="membershipID" label="Membership ID" listing="true" order="3" />

    <?php perch_member_get('membershipID'); ?>

    Also I would like to show what the Member is'tagged' with ie: Member / Admin / Guest etc

    I can see the following in the Debug code:

    UPDATE perch3_members SET memberEmail='', memberStatus='active', memberCreated='2019-11-19', memberProperties='{\"first_name\":\"James\",\"last_name\":\"Smith\",\"membershipID\":\"007-1234567\",\"telephone\":\"123456789\",\"address\":\"8 Clarkson Avenue\"}' WHERE memberID='1'

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