Upgraded Perch 2 to 3 and shop items are 404ing

  • Hi,

    I upgraded a clients old site from version 2 to 3 last week and the shop is now not working, the single products page seems to be 404ing but all the data for the products seems to still be in the backend system. As far as I am aware the shop was working on version 2 properly.

    Store Overview Page

    Single Product Page

    Any help is appreciated.



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  • Hi, sorry for the delay in replying.

    The htaccess looks the same as the version I downloaded before I upgraded and I wouldn't have changed or overwritten it. The only areas I have changed are core and the apps.

    I have tested with this new pathing on a few of the other products and it seems to show them. I went to the settings and found that the shop settings paths are different:

    Live site: http://www.andantedrums.co.uk/shop

    Product URL: /store/product.php?s={productSlug}

    Where as the current url on the shop page seems to be /shop/products/{productSlug}/

    Not sure if this is relevant but hopefully it helps figure out this puzzle.



  • Hi

    It's definitely store on your live site not shop. There's no shop page I can see. You need to resolve that bit first. Upgrading core and apps shouldn't affect your shop settings as that is are stored in the database.

    You need to ensure that:

    • The correct page path is set up to the store page template as well as a single product page to handle the shop requests
    • The shop settings match the product page for your product path above
    • You have rewriting rules in place to create SEO friendly URLs (optional)

    As an aside your indexed pages in Google are following the .php?s= format. That may suggest that url-rewriting had either broken or was never working when pushed live.

    NB If you are working on a live site (which makes me a bit sweaty ;) ) then you should always backup first.

  • Hi,

    Turns out the last developer had updated the template inside the shop app itself for list.html and told nobody so when I updated the shop app it overwrote it with the base template.

    Thanks for the help.