Issue with spam links in Form submissions

  • Hi there - I've got a situation with a Perch site that is getting a lot of spammie form submissions through their contact forms. I'm using both a honeypot AND instituting Google reCAPTCHA, but we're still getting a lot of porn site URL's that are pasted into the Comment field on the forms. Any ideas on how to fight these? Honestly, I'd be fine with just completely disallowing URL's completely in the comments field, this is for a restaurant website so there's no reason at all for anyone to send URL's through their forms at all.

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  • Hi

    Spam sucks but is really quite inevitable. I for one would like to see future versions of Perch's form functionality tighten up on this.

    In the meantime, how are you implementing Recaptcha? I've found that V3 is pretty useless for small sites and needs to be installed on all pages to work correctly (which is kind of creepy). V2 has a much better response on single page forms in my most humblest opinion.

    Another layer of defence is that you can also implement spam detection at the mail server level - For instance, Gmail and 365 have these built in.

  • Oh well I am glad it's working for you. I'm surprised it works well on just the form pages as it's meant to be deployed to all pages on the site.

    Be aware that even invisible recaptcha will still inject an image-based captcha if it doubts the veracity of the user (i.e. they are not logged into Google in the browser.)