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    I am now officially not a perch user, having disposed of some 30 odd licenses over the last few weeks. I agree with Rene Banus's post above, while Perch was a perfect CMS for those needing a PHP/MySQL based small CMS which did not impose a particular structure on your design, it has long since fallen by the wayside in respect of modern CMS "norms" and I see no chance of this being rectified in any meaningful way by the current owners.

    No 1Click updating, outdated Control Panel UI, limited plugins, and much more importantly a shrinking community brought on by the lack of forward momentum.

    To the joy of I am sure a few ( nascent mainly) I am now out of here although I will miss some good people I have "met" on the forum and Slack channel.

    To paraphrase Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, so long Perch and thanks for all the fish!

      • are you for real? perch was severely neglected long before the current owners! Do a forum search!!

    Unless you are wanting to start an argument, or have some vested interest; I respectfully ask that you refrain from further comment.

    Also, as a coder, one could reasonably assume that you know how to quote others' correctly.

    throw a hissy fit and attempt to shut people down, not really useful is it?.

    I simply do not understand how you can say perch was well looked after when patently most here were very concerned about ongoing dev long before perch changed hands, unless of course the vested interest lies with you?

    I believe one can deduce, that the reason why the handover is taking time, is because Drew and Rachael want to ensure that the product they are parting with, is well maintained going forward, which is reasonable considering the quality of the CMS in question.

    are you for real? perch was severely neglected long before the current owners! Do a forum search!!

    I have eight (8) Perch licenses going very cheap to anyone brave enough to risk investing in them..

    I have now moved all my sites away from this disaster but someone may still have some faith maybe?

    Actually another seven or so days and I will be out of here having transferred all my unused licenses and I will have completed a migration of all my remaining sites to Expressionengine. That will have included the transfer of over 300 blog posts across four sites (by hand) and conversion of the sites to ee code and templating and the transfer of all site images and content for the sites with and without blogs. All done at no charge to clients because I believe it's in their and my best interests.

    So presuming I have no issues with the transferring of remaining currently active licenses I will be out of here by next weekend and probably silent before then.

    It's been fascinating and one thing I can say with confidence, no other CMS has provided me with this level of entertainment before, and it's a real pity the director who dealt with the license transfers pretty much by return once he got involved has not infused his support staff with the same ethos. The end of a chapter I guess.

    If you think it’s bad here you should check out the Slack channel.

    yes this thread is about Perch’s future that’s why people are discussing alternatives precisely because many believe it does not have one or at least a viable one despite all the suggestions and ideas provided in good faith on the first 10+ pages.

    Nothing should be wholly supported blindly, support is earned and the new owners have done nothing to earn that support

    I am sorry your so easily offended others seem to find it worth discussing.

    there really is a lot more important things in the world to be “ offended “ by than a discussion on viable alternatives to a failing CMS. Lastly I believe I just responded to someone’s question i did not steer the thread this way.

    expressionengine has been around longer than perch I believe, it started as pmachine and went at one point "enterprise" at over $299 a license (this was a good few years ago). It was sold to one of its major plugin developers a while after that who made it free/open source reckoning the paid plugin architecture would support its future development.

    Carthrob is the major e-comm solution but there is a simpler recent addition which looks like it has potential. Most of the plugins are top notch and never had an issue with any.

    You probably will not need support, the slack and stack exchange channels will sort most things out. I paid for one month recently when our server config was blocking updates and no one could work out why.. they fixed it in one day but thats the only time in many years of usage.