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    It’s nice to see that the lack of involvement in this forum by the owners also means the negative comments are not deleted. So there is a place for criticism. That’s a positive thing.

    Is there any way ‘we’ can pick up the code and create a new open source version 5 for ourselves? a PerchBranch ?

    Or without the source code this would be difficult?

    Just asking away here. Must have a contingency plan. Accept for transitioning over to another cms off course.

    Maybe what I encountered can help you, or give you an idea.

    I had some problems like that with my forms after my provider updated the php version from 7.1 to 7.4 (I think that were the versions).

    What I did to make it work again: 1. installed the latest version of perch. 2. Installed the latest version of forms app. 3. Deleted all form submissions. (Still no luck). 4. Deleted the form and recreated the form.

    And it worked.

    Hope it will benefit you.

    Hai George,

    Hope everything with the project is well on your end.

    On this end things aren’t so well. We (the customers) have been waiting a long long time for any new versions or updates or even news about Perch.

    I hoped the new crew would start communicating to us swiftly to reveal future plans, release schedules, new licensing structures or maybe ask for thoughts or just tell us the things you are struggling with. Just _some_ engagement with your customer base.

    But now it seems you have taken the same approach as the previous guardians of Perch have done in the last long period:
    Nothing - Just silence.

    Sorry for the negative comment, normally I’m more positive.
    Just it’s that I think it’s easy to write down some notes about how things are going. And let us know what you are up to or what you are thinking.

    From my point of view it looks unprofessional not to let the customers know what is going on and also in a way arrogant to just let them wait.

    A lot of your customers are resellers of Perch, people who build websites for their clients. I am. So we’re in the same boat. We also have a lot invested in Perch. We have build for Perch and we are your sales team.

    And right now you are neglecting your sales team.

    It is of course possible you see this differently, maybe you don’t need a sales team. I’m not your only client and surely not your biggest. But this is how I see it.

    Hopefully you will have some news to share in the near future, it would mean a lot to me. I love Perch, and would love to hear what you are busy with and maybe hear where Perch’s future will lead us.



    Also it should have a way to restrict adding certain things (regions, blocks etc) so the editor will stay within the rules of the design.

    Eg don’t put two photos next to each other. Or a piece of text should always have a header. Or after 3 text blocks there should be an image. A page should always start with a text and never with an image.

    Things like that.

    Thanks Drew for taking this step!
    I imagine it wasn't easy to let go and hand off to another, and I hope it will give you added peace of mind in these rather trying times.



    ps You must have added something into the contract that will ensure the 'right' way of using the bird pictures. I know you were very opinionated in how the birds were used/portrayed. :saint:

    That nicely written comment from Jonathan deserves a more thoughtful and warmer response than this repetition of words I would say.

    You would probably only give this answer if you are indeed negotiating to hand over Perch to another party.

    Hope it will be in the near future. Good luck!

    That should really be part of the docs!
    Thank you very much for this code !!

    Without this addition the user can easily forget to do the captcha and unwillingly create a spam entry.

    In my case the page would say: “thanks for your entry we will get back to you and enroll you in the course” - and it would never happen.

    So thanks!

    To hopefully help others, I have added my code example. I made the button pushable only after doing the reCaptcha.


    My happiness always seems to be something for the future.

    but seriously, I’m genuinely curious what you think makes me happy.

    Changes that would make me a happy Perch customer
    - good pricing to support solid development,
    - opensource more of perch to support community participation

    - one place for all grapaperch-approved third party software. As part of the Perch infrastructure. (Download and install from the perch site, community support via the forum and a way to pay or donate for these addons/custom field/apps) if desired by the author.


    If I can scale that back then a lot more can be shipped a lot quicker.

    if I or others can help in any way, don’t hesitate to ask! You don’t have to tackle this alone. Looking at the conversations in the slack channel there are others who would like to aid.

    Maybe describe what your problems are or show what you have got until now and people can offer their insights or even help with coding.

    Maybe no scaling back is needed. Just participation from the community.who knows.

    But maybe you want to do everything on your own?

    Hope I can help,


    If I press Undo, I don't know what I get. Also there is no Redo if I use it.

    But Please leave 'Undo' in!

    Only somehow make it more visible what its doing.

    To give me more the feeling of being in control you can maybe:

    * Add a Redo,

    * Add a date to the Undo button (Undo to version 4 from May 3, 2008)

    * Mark (like color?) the changed values after an Undo, so I know the differences. Maybe not the words in the text, but on a field level. (Don't want to make it too difficult for you.)


    I have tried your code on my site.

    Your version of the code doesn't work properly, because it misses the surrounding <blocks></blocks> tags to work properly.

    If you put your code between these tags, you will see an "+ add an item" button and also an "+ Image Strip" (= add block) button.

    The max number of images in one block will be 5.

    But also it will be possible to add another <block> (of max 5 images). There is no limit to the number of blocks added.

    Maybe this is intended, but if you wanted to use blocks and limit the amount of blocks (to 5) this isn't possible as far as I know.

    I (and others) have asked for this feature, but I think it isn't implemented.


    Thanks Drew!!

    This works like a charm. Because it took me some time to figure out all the details, I have listed the solution here.

    thx, René

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use data from a 'Shared Region' inside a block?

    See code example below

    I want to be able to let the user (editor) determine the position of this data table on the webpage.

    Or is there another way to make this happen?

    I can't seem to figure this out, there may be a simple way I am not seeing right now. Hope someone can help.

    Thx, René