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    Hi guys,

    I've been trying to "inject" a set from Categories into a perch_navigation() function so I could render categories as subitems of a navigation items - i'm building a shop. There are total of two levels in the navigation.

    What I tried was getting all the data from a navigation group and combined it with an output of categories. It resulted in a correct data set however I couldn't find a "Perch Way" to render it after such manipulation. Any tips?

    I've resolved it by writing a PHP loop with a lot of "echos" but I'm not quite happy with that hack.

    Any thoughts are welcomed.


    Hello there,

    That's a good point. It will for in some cases where we display content at random however there are many occasions where only specific collection items need to be displayed. hence the related tag comes in so handy.

    Does the related item even refresh by itself? Is there any way it could be more responsive to change?

    Best regards

    Hi there,

    I wonder if anyone has faced a similar UX problem with collection items. It could be server related (cache) but perhaps someone has found a workaround.

    The problem is that collection items that are present at regions at various pages do not respond to a change within the collection item. For example if I change a title or an image file at the collection item I have to go back to the page that has a region where that item is used, then remove it and add it again. Sometimes it takes couple attempts to see changes.

    This makes it very painful to upload a lot of data and see if they are rendered correctly.

    Thank you

    Ah, I've realised I can do something like this:

    I hope it will be helpful to anyone!

    Hi there,

    I didn't find anything similar so I'm bringing up a question about extending the collection data within a template.

    I wonder if there is any recommended way to achieve something like this:

    The "discount" data has been defined outside of the related tags. I'd like to use this information within the collection.

    Best regards

    I've been wondering whether such file structure would work for a new website project in perch runway without any pitfalls:

    • /cms
    • /project
      • index.php
      • /assets

    Basically all the perch related files will reside outside of the root. The domain will be pointed at "/project".

    Has anyone tried that already?

    Thanks in advance.