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  • damiandrozdowicz

    Replied to the thread Can't log in to Perch.
    Has anything changed recently? htaccess? different hosting?
    Perhaps enabling a debug or PHP error message can shed some light.
  • damiandrozdowicz

    Replied to the thread SCA Compliance for Stripe.
    That's a very reassuring George G . I feel a relief now that I won't have to move x number of websites away to a different platform simply because SCA compliance.
  • damiandrozdowicz

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    (Quote from granttransition)

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to reach out and let you know that all the messages being sent are being received. Our aim at the moment is to ensure that the transition to us is smooth whilst at the same time looking at and
  • damiandrozdowicz

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    Perch Shop's built-in integration with Stripe uses Stripe's Charges API (v2). This API is not SCA-compliant.

    The new version of the Stripe API (v3) is SCA compliant. As thins stand Perch Shop does not ship with a built-in integration with this version.…
  • damiandrozdowicz

    Replied to the thread Form Stopped Working.

    Can you share how your template looks like? Has any EMAIL config props changed recently? Did you try to hook up another account? Did you try to contact your hosting support to see for any SMTP logs?