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    I'm not sure I completely understand... but this comes to mind as something that might help:

    A field type for selecting products from the official Perch Shop app by hus_hmd.

    Thanks! Yes. I'd already found that and it's worked at a basic level. I did post a follow up to my original post but the moderator hasn't approved it yet. I don't even know if this reply will show up as I posted the follow up yesterday.

    UPDATE: I've added the Pipit Product List and had some success, but not with getting the 'Add to cart' button to work. Mainly because I need to get the 'stock_level' somehow. This is what I have:

    Region template for master page:

    So do I need some code on the Master page to get the stock level from Shop in here?

    Hi all. I've been working through all the documentation and have almost built my site which includes Perch Shop. I am stumped by one last thing which I'd like help with please.

    I have PROJECT pages which are created from master pages using a content template; and I have PRODUCTS in Perch Shop. I would like to add an 'Add to Cart' button on the PROJECT pages. So in the Admin for the PROJECT page, I'd like to have a dataselect which is populated with my PRODUCT titles, each containing the URL or product slug as the value. Is there a way to do this?