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    UPDATE 2: It's ok. It took me a couple of days but I've muddled through it and used some custom variables in the template. Thanks for the help.
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    (Quote from montlewis)

    Thanks! Yes. I'd already found that and it's worked at a basic level. I did post a follow up to my original post but the moderator hasn't approved it yet. I don't even know if this reply will show up as I posted the follow up…
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    UPDATE: I've added the Pipit Product List and had some success, but not with getting the 'Add to cart' button to work. Mainly because I need to get the 'stock_level' somehow. This is what I have:

    Region template for master page:

    (Code, 21 lines)

    So do…
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    Hi all. I've been working through all the documentation and have almost built my site which includes Perch Shop. I am stumped by one last thing which I'd like help with please.

    I have PROJECT pages which are created from master pages using a content…